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Hello Readers, welcome to all of you in another new post, do you know what hydrogen fuel is? If not, then in this post we tell you What Is Hydrogen Fuel Cell is. So let’s know what is this hydrogen fuel. and what it does.


What Is Hydrogen Fuel Cell

What is a hydrogen fuel Cell?

Simply put, hydrogen fuel is a type of purified fuel. When it is used in a fuel cell, it produces water. You must have understood correctly that hydrogen is an element that is used as a fuel. And it is also said to be useful from the point of view of the environment. This fuel is wasted to no avail. Let us tell you that hydrogen fuel is also called the fuel of the future.


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How is hydrogen fuel made?

Hydrogen fuel is present in our environment as energy. Because of is an energy hydrogen gas which is known as h2 in the table. Fuel is made in many ways. Such as renewable energy resources and solar energy resources, can be good options to use in the field of electricity and transportation. So let’s know how hydrogen fuel is made. Generally, this can be divided into two parts.

Biologically derived i.e. you can say biologically derived producers like garbage bad things
chemical production Let us tell you that the biological production of hydrogen fuel has been the subject of research since the 1970s.

Hydrogen can be made from biomass sources. Like the residues left in agriculture and forests, in addition to this, hydrogen fuel is mostly made through the gasification process to make hydrogen fuel from the remaining resources in agriculture. In this, flammable gas is applied to the biomass. And then it is burnt. Apart from this, there are many ways to make hydrogen, let us know about some methods so that it is easier for you to understand, then let us know some other methods which are as follows –

Thermal Processes –

Steam is generated in thermal processes to produce hydrogen. In this, a high-temperature process is used. In which steam reacts with hydrocarbon fuel. Due to this hydrogen is released. A number of hydrogen fuels can be used to produce hydrogen. It has many resources such as coal, natural gas, and liquid fuel, as much hydrogen is produced in today’s changing times. Of that, about 94% is made by steaming natural gases through natural gas.

Electrolysis processes-

It is a process. In which water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen. This process takes place in an electrolyzer. In which the energy of the hydrogen molecule cannot be used. These act as fuel cells. In which an electrolyzer cannot collect the pure form of hydrogen from water molecules in large quantities. And for this reason, it is usually the primary input required for industrial-scale production. Therefore, hydrogen fuel is produced from the electrolyzer of methane or water.

Solar-Driven Processes-

In this, a solar-powered process is used for the production of hydrogen. In this light is used as an agent. There are also many other solar-powered processes. From which hydrogen fuel is made. Let us know about some of the main processes


Photobiological System – In this type of system photosynthesis process is to make hydrogen for which bacteria and several are used in it.


Photo electronic system – In this type of system semiconductor is used to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water.


Biological Process –

In this type of system bacteria like bacteria and microcells are used. In this process, hydrogen is produced through a biological reaction.

What is the future of hydrogen fuel?

In the present era, hydrogen fuel is known as the fuel of the future. Hydrogen fuel is also considered nature friendly, due to which it can be seen as the fuel of the future. And big companies in the world are engaged in making vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel.


What is a hydrogen fuel cell?

In simple words, the fuel cell is such a technology. In which the operation of the fuel cell in pure hydrogen is done in an excellent way. And it may be a better option as a clean fuel in the future.

How hydrogen fuel cell technology works

In simple language, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. Hydrogen gas and oxygen are used to make it. The meaning of saying is this. That hydrogen is necessary to supply electricity to a vehicle. Let us tell you that liquid hydrogen has been used in NASA since about 1920. And in the space shuttle, energy to the electric system is provided through the hydrogen fuel cell itself.

The energy generated from the chemical reaction fuel cell electricity heats the mixture of oxygen and hydrogen in which water is produced.

In hydrogen fuel cell technology, fuel cells are compared to batteries. because this system

In a battery and fuel cell, energy is created through chemical reactions. which we use as electric power


What is a hydrogen car?

Hydrogen is used as fuel in these types of cars. For which a hydrogen cylinder is used to keep hydrogen in it. Let’s go over how a hydrogen car works.

How does a hydrogen car work?

Fuel cell technology is used in this. There is one thing in this. Fuel cells are then important in making electricity. When hydrogen is available in sufficient quantity as a fuel. For this, a hydrogen tank is used in it. In which hydrogen is stored. And this hydrogen is used to make electricity. Two tanks are used to store hydrogen in the car.

Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel

It is a clean fuel. And it is pollution free.

When the tank is full, hydrogen can cover a distance of about 400 to 600 kilometers.

It takes 5 to 6 minutes to refill the fuel in the car.

Disadvantages of hydrogen fuel –

This is the biggest problem in this. That hydrogen requires a lot of space to store it. And at the same time, separating hydrogen is difficult and expensive, but it can be improved in the future.

what have you learned?

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