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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, in this post we will know what is a dynamo in a motor vehicle. How does it work? We will learn in further detail how a dynamo works. So let’s know the complete information about Dynamo without delay


what is dynamo

What is a dynamo?

Dynamo is used in trains. You all know it. Batteries are used in vehicles. A dynamo is used to charge that battery.

Dynamo generates electrical power by rotating from mechanical energy through the engine. Dynamo generates electricity. For this reason, it is also known as a generator.


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whenever the engine is running. So at that time, the driving pulley of the dynamo starts rotating through the crankshaft with the help of the V belt. And this pulley is tightly tightened on the armature shaft.

This causes the armature to rotate between the two pole shoes. And there is some amount of magnet in these pole shoes. It is also known as a residual magnet. The rotation of the armature cuts the magnetic lines of force produced in the pole shoe.

Due to this electricity is generated and supplied to the carbon bush by the segment of the computer. Apart from being connected to the battery, the carbon bush is also connected to the field coil fitted on the pole shoe.

The field coil generates more powerful magnetic lines of force than the dynamo’s electric power itself. Which is cut off by the rotation of the armature.


On what principle does the dynamo work?

You all know very well. I have two poles. The magnetic lines of force emerge from the South Pole and the North Pole and the North Pole dynamo works on the basis of Farad’s Electro Magnetic Induction law.

And according to this rule, a clever is rotated between the magnetic lines. So electricity is generated in the clever. And the rotation of the conductor cuts the magnetic force rays.

And their flow joins and stops. Copper segments are fixed on their end. And two carbon bushes are fitted on them.




what is the structure of dynamo?

Let us now know what is the structure of a device. And which things are used in it. So let us tell you that the structure of a device is circular.

and is closed by means of side plates on either side of it. And how do the two poles stay on the body through screws? On which the field coil is applied. Also, bush holders are fitted to fit carbon bush.

And on its other side, the driving pulley is fitted. Space is left between the side plates for mounting the bush and bearing. Along with this, an armature is used in it.

This armature rotates between the pole shoe and the field coil in the dynamo body. And the laminated core which is thin iron leaves. They are made by fitting on a shaft.

And the winding of copper wire is fixed on it. And the coil of this winding is related to the segments of the computer fitted with the armature. The carbon bush is thus fitted with the help of a spring.

Computers are attached to the segment. And through the carbon, the electricity produced by the dynamo flows to the place of power.




main parts of dynamo

Let us know which parts are used in a dynamo. Here we are explaining some parts which are as follows –

bearing and bush
side plate
driving pulley
pole shoe


Malfunctions in dynamo and their solutions

The acts as an electronic system that starts the engine and simultaneously charges the battery. Due to continuous running, some defects keep appearing in it from time to time.

Which needs to be corrected. We are going to discuss some such defects which are as follows –


battery charging low

The Pulley shaft of the dynamo has come loose
The armature connection with the computer of a dynamo is broken Check and clean the computer properly and connect the armature properly
Carbon Bushes Defective
Cannot find points of the regulator to the battery unit Check the regulator and troubleshoot
A field coil is broken Check the field coil properly and fixes the problem




charges battery-less

Nuts of dynamo terminal are loose
The armature shaft has come loose Check the armature shaft and replace with a new shaft if necessary
The points of the regulator are not clean Clean the points of the regulator properly
The battery electrolyte surface is down
Dynamo bearing or bush wore out Replace bearing or bush




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