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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is an airbag. And how does it work? So let’s know about airbags

What is an airbag


what is an airbag

Friends, you all know very well. How important it is to take care of safety while driving a vehicle. Because in today’s time there are many losses due to accidents.

Keeping these problems in mind, a feature is used in vehicles. Which is called an airbag. It plays an important role in trains.

Whenever a vehicle collides, an accident occurs. In that case, the airbag makes a huge rotation. And saves people from accidents. Airbags are used in many places in the car.

It is used in places like steering, dashboard, etc. Earlier it was used in expensive vehicles but in present times it is mostly seen.

In the event of a collision, the airbags deploy to protect the passengers’ heads from hitting places like the dashboard steering. Due to this, the scope of accidents is reduced.


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How does the airbag work

When a car is moving on the road at speed. And suddenly it collides with some object. In that case, there is a sudden change in the speed of the car.

Suppose a car is going at a speed of 30 km/h. So due to collision, its speed becomes 0km/h. You must know that the accelerometer is installed in the vehicle.

This is an electric chip. Which primes the force and acceleration. When the car collides. So the accelerometer gives the signal of a sudden change in the vehicle.

as soon as the signal is received. This turns on the circuit of the airbags installed in the vehicle.

The thing to be understood here is this. That if brakes are applied by the driver in the vehicle. In that case, less force is generated. In this case, it does not turn on the airbag circuit.

Compared to this, more force is generated in case of collision. And at the same time, the accelerometer turns on the airbag circuit.


how does the airbag open

When it is on So it passes current to the heating element in . When current is supplied to the heating element by the airbag circuit. So it gets burnt.

And as it burns So in that situation the harmless gases nitrogen and argon are produced in large quantities due to which the nylon cover in the airbag starts filling with these gases.

And the pressure starts building up. Due to this the plastic cover in front of the airbag is removed. And the bag comes out. And this process happens very quickly.




what gas is in the airbag

Sodium azide gas is used in the airbag. And on the reaction, nitrogen gas is released from it.

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