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What Is a Chassis

what is a chassis

As you all know that a motor vehicle is made up of many components. One of the main parts is the frame. Or simply say that the chassis is the base part of any vehicle.

Because more and more components of a motor vehicle are attached to the frame. And make a complete vehicle. You can say that the chassis is the main part of the vehicle. From which the whole vehicle is made. Many parts are attached to the frame.

An engine, transmission system, gearbox, radiator, front axle, rear axle vehicle body, and many more chassis are made very strong. Which bears the weight of the vehicle and the jerks from the road and the jerks at the time of speed change. and keeps the car balanced

These are mainly made in 3 parts

box type
channel type
tube type

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How many types of chassis frames are there

There are mainly three types are as follows –


1. Combined Chassis Frame –

These types of frames are mostly used in small vehicles. Like – car etc. In these types of frames, there is no separate frame.

The body and floor of the vehicle work together as the chassis. They are made very strong. Heavy steel sheets are used to make them.


In these, the body and chassis cannot be separated. It is very strong. easily tolerates the tremors in the car.

it is also very attractive to look at. And they are also very light in weight. But it is often necessary to take care of some things in these.

For example, while making them, the joints have to be made very strong. So that it does not come off or open with it carrying the load on the entire chassis frame. Different companies design the chassis frame in their own way so that the road is clearly visible from the driving seat.


2 . Conventional Chassis Frame –

These are used in heavy vehicles which are mainly used for carrying heavy goods. There are two long members in it.

And they are connected with many cross members and they are less wide than the front. Most of the parts of the motor vehicle are fitted on long members and cross members.

And the body of the vehicle is also fitted on these. Long members are made channel type. And cross members are made box type. Keep in mind that tube-type chassis are used in medium-weight vehicles like Matador etc.

If for some reason a bend occurs in the chassis, then it becomes necessary to straighten it, otherwise, the wheels wear out and the steering control becomes difficult.


3. Cast  Frame –

A mild slope frame is used for fitting the engine as well as other components in this frame. But the transmission body is attached to the floorboard. This type of frame is also known as semi-interregional. One shortcoming in this is that when they become crooked for some reason, it is difficult to straighten them. It is used in India as well as abroad.

How to take care of the chassis frame

Anyway, the chassis continues to be used for a long time without any defects. For this, it is made very strong. But it gets rusted while walking on the road and especially when water falls on it during rain.

And due to corrosion, layers start falling from the chassis in the form of crust. Due to this, the chassis becomes weak. And the ribs used to connect the chassis also become loose.

Due to this the alignment of the chassis also deteriorates. To avoid this type of problem, enamel paint is used. Apart from this, driving on bad roads also causes jerks, due to which sometimes cracks also appear in the chassis.

It becomes necessary to fix them. Because if they keep increasing, then there is a fear of breaking the chassis. To avoid this, the cracked part should be properly electric welded.

And if the crack is big, then after welding, another plate should be welded on top of it, in addition, if the shape of the chassis gets distorted in an accident. Alignment may change

So after welding the alignment should be checked. Otherwise, it affects the steering and the speed of the vehicle.


Some defects and how to repair

Sometimes, due to an accident, the alignment gets disturbed. To correct it, it is checked plumb. To check this, markings are made by placing the vehicle in a flat place by hanging a plumb line on its four corners.

Similarly, two more marks are marked on the frame members at equal distances. Now the vehicle has to be removed from that place and all the symbols have to be matched with each other.

If there is a maximum difference of 8 to 9 mm in the same diagonals, then chassis repair becomes necessary. A chassis may have the following defects –

cross member bent

Ribbits of side and cross members loosen

or side members are loose  and have gone


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