What Is a Camshaft | Working

what is a camshaft

what is a camshaft

Hello readers, welcome to all of you in another new post, do you know what is a camshaft, you would like to know what is a camshaft and where it is used and how it works in this post I will learn about camshaft, so let’s not delay and know about camshaft  and what is its role in the engine



what is a camshaft

A camshaft is used in the engine. The structure of the shaft is almost straight. The number of valves in an engine, the greater the cam.

It is used to open and close the valves of the engine. There are lobes on the cam. And when these lobes go upwards.

So they exert pressure on the inlet valve and exhaust valve. which opens the valves. The lobes of the cams are arranged sequentially in different directions according to the engine firing order.

A screw gear is made in the middle of them. From which the oil pump, and distributor is operated. In addition, on the camshaft of the petrol engine, an eccentric cam is built into the front of a somewhat larger size.

The mechanical fuel pump is driven by this eccentric cam. The camshaft usually fits parallel to the crankshaft at the bottom of the engine.

So that it can rotate easily, in addition to the front-rear end of the shaft, the bearing general is fitted in the middle as per the need.

These general guns move around in metal bushes that fit into the engine block. The camshaft is driven by the crankshaft. And it runs at half the speed of the crankshaft


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Camshafts are fitted according to the number of valves of the engine. A cam is fitted for each valve. These cams are arranged according to the firing order of the engine.

Whereas the cams are mounted at a certain angle in the camshaft. A cam is usually used in the engine so that the valves can be opened and closed according to the firing of the engine.

But some engines such as T-head engines and V8 engines use two cams instead of one. Bearings are also attached to the front end of the cam. Along with this, gears are also attached to move the oil pump and fuel pump.


Working of camshaft

In an engine, it is necessary that the engine valves open on time and then close immediately and this is possible only then. When the cam shaft and crankshaft are arranged in this way.

that when the piston of a cylinder is at T.D.C before starting the suction, at that time the inlet valve of the cylinder should be open as you know

that the cam shaft gets its power from the crankshaft. And each valve opens once when the crankshaft completes two revolutions. side closes. And when the crankshaft rotates two revolutions, one revolution of the camshaft is completed.

Let us tell you that the cam shaft is given three types of drive.

Gear Drive – This is mainly used when When the crankshaft and cams haft are too close. In this arrangement, the crank and cam rotate opposite each other. And to drive them in the same direction, an ideal gear is used in between the two gears.

Chain Drive – It is used in that cases. which the distance between the crankshaft and the camshaft is greater. In this, the camshaft gear is driven by the chain sprocket by the gear of the crankshaft. this, both the gears rotate in the same direction. And at the same time, a chain tensioner is used to prevent the loosening of the chain.

Belt Drive – This is also almost the same as a chain drive. But in place of a chain, a belt is used. And the gears of the cam shaft are driven by the gears of the crankshaft. It is mostly used overhead i.e. in the head of the engine, it is designed in such a way. In this also the cam shaft and the crankshaft rotate in the same direction


how the camshaft is fitted

Fitting the engine valves to the cam shaft is called valve timing. In this engine, makers put their mark. The timing of the valve is fitted correctly by matching these marks to the crankshaft and camshaft.

Whenever the engine is opened for overhauling. So it is necessary to see the mark on the timing gear. If there is no marking already, then in that case it is necessary to mark it.

This does not cause problems while fitting the engine. And if any open engine is to be fitted then there is no marking on it. So in that case fix the piston of the first cylinder at T.D.C.

Then place the cam in such a way that the valves of the first cylinder are kept in such a way that if the cam is turned to one side, the inlet valve is open, and the other side

With the exhaust valve open, be sure to see if there is a gap between the teeth of the gears while connecting the crankshaft and camshaft.

So in that case the valves will not open or close at their scheduled time so the engine will either not start or will not run properly.

Parts of Camshaft

Bearing Shells component
Chain Drive
Cam Bearing Journals
Chain Sprocket
Thrust Plate
Woodruff Key
Gear Drive




Inspection of camshaft

Whenever an engine is overhauled, the camshaft should be inspected. To inspect a cam shaft, first, place the camshaft on the engine block and use the gauge.

Check the runout of the mounted bearing and the reading should be up to 0.10mm, above this, the camshaft should be replaced as well as the taper of the journals with a micrometer and the out round should be checked and it should measure only 0.02mm and that of the camshaft Inspection of lobes is also necessary, there should be no scratches in it.


Material used for making Camshaft

A camshaft is mainly made of forging carbon steel. And to prevent the shaft from getting deformed, its surface is hardened.

Advantages of camshaft

The camshaft primarily operates the engine’s inlet and exhaust valves through push rods, enabling fuel and burnt gases to exit the engine. The camshafts are also simple in construction and operate smoothly even at high engine speeds. works and the same camshaft can be used for multiple cylinders

Disadvantages of camshaft

In modern-day engines, the timing chain drive system is very complex in the engine due to which whenever the engine is opened for repair, the engine head has to be opened, and then the camshaft is reset and more in the camshaft There is also the problem of heating quickly

camshaft  FAQ

What is the function of a camshaft?

Ans- A cam shaft is a device that controls the cylinder’s inlet valve and exhaust valve in the engine. Various types of radial cams are used in this, it is connected to the crankshaft by means of chains and gears, and the timing of the valve is also connected to the cam shaft. placed through

What are the parts of the camshaft?

Ans- Bearing Shells component, Lobes, Chain Drive, Cam Bearing Journals, Chain Sprocket, Thrust Plate,WoodruffKey, Gear Drive



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