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vernier caliper


Vernier caliper


Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is vernier caliper. How does it work? And we know how many types there are. About caliper


what is a vernier caliper?

Vernier caliper is a measuring instrument. Which is used to measure the smallest objects. By this, a job can be measured with an accuracy of up to 1/1000.

It measures on the basis of a difference between the measurement of two scales. caliper is more commonly used in industrial areas. Vernier height gauge and Vernier depth gauge also work on this basis.



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Parts of vernier caliper

 caliper consists of the following main parts

main scale
vernier scale
fine adjustment
depth measuring strip


Main scale –

The main numbers remain on this part. There is another vernier scale on it. The main scale has a fixed jaw. And there are also measuring tips. The clamping screw is attached to the vernier caliper. Where does the adjusting screw also go? It also serves to lock the vernier scale by sliding it on the main scale. All the readings are required. The vernier scale is locked to


Vernier scale –

Vernier scale is attached to the main scale. On which small measurements are given. The cells of the vernier scale are divided into 10 cells. A moving jaw is attached to the vernier scale. And a moving tip is also attached



How to read a caliper

The vernier caliper has two jaws. From it measure the external diameter. And the one which is fitted with measuring tips. They measure the internal diameter. A strip is attached to one end of the vernier caliper. By which depth is measured. it moves with the moving jaw



Parts of a vernier caliper

Vernier calipers are of the following types

Standard  Caliper –

This type of caliper can measure the outside, inside, and depth of a component.


Depth caliper –

This type of caliper measures the depth of a component.


Digital  Caliper –

In this type of caliper, a digital meter is used. At present, it is more commonly used


Dial caliper –

A dial gauge is used in this type of caliper. It is also similar in shape and size to a standard vernier calipers.


Gear tooth caliper –

This type of caliper is used to measure gears.


 calipers is made of which metal

Vernier calipers are made of high-grade steel such as vanadium steel or nickel chromium steel. it is strong enough


Who invented the calipers?

The Vernier caliper was invented by a French scientist, Parry Vernier, who made a scale by joining two scales. Whose name was the vernier calipers parry vernier made vernier calipers in the metric system of 0.1mm, 0.5, mm, 0.2mm



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