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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, in this post, you are going to know the types of brakes. Different types of vehicles are used and have been done for a long time, in the same way, along with the upgrading of vehicles, changes have also been made in the braking system and in the present time also in many types of vehicles. Many types of brake systems are used, which we are going to discuss further, so without delay, let us know about the Types of Brakes systems.

Types of Brakes


Disc Types of Brakes

A disc brake is a major braking system used in vehicles at present. It is a mechanical device used to stop the motion of a vehicle. In this, a disc is made of a metal disc which is used to stop the movement of the vehicle. The brake pads keep pressing the disc until the vehicle stops moving. Types of Brakes

An important advantage of a disc brake is that it can be kept well-ventilated, which improves its braking ability and effectiveness. In addition, the disc brake provides precise and quick braking, which makes the driver feel more secure.

This braking system is used in various types of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc.


Hydraulic brake

The hydraulic brake is also a type of braking system that is used as a braking system in vehicles. The special thing about this type of braking system is that this brake system uses pressure and force to stop the vehicle. In this system, hydraulic wave i.e. pressure substance is used which generates pressure on the brake pads of the vehicle.

The key component of a hydraulic brake is the master cylinder, which converts power into pressure. Oil is used in the master cylinder and which when pressurized goes to the wheel cylinder through the hydraulic pipe. The pressure created by the master cylinder is transmitted to the brake caliper through the brake line. Brake calipers have pistons that, when exposed to pressure from the brake fluid, exert pressure on the brake discs. This stops the vehicle.

Hydraulic brakes are used in vehicles to ensure safe road transport. It is used in cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, etc. Types of Brakes

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Air brake

Air brake in Hindi is a system that is used in vehicles. This type of braking system is mostly used in heavy vehicles, in which the ability to stop and operate the vehicle is provided by using air. This air system uses the brake fluid to deliver high pressure, allowing the vehicle to slow down and stop. Air brakes are often used in trucks, buses, and railway vehicles where there is a need to control heavy and fast-moving vehicles. For this, big air tanks are used in it, this is a very popular system.


Drum brakes

A drum brake is a type of brake that was used in vehicles a long time ago but in today’s time, its usefulness has reduced. It is usually installed at the back of vehicles. Drum brakes have a rotating drum, known as a drum rotor in a settlement or nomenclature organization. This drum rotor rotates against the drum brake pads, bringing the vehicle to a halt. Drum brakes consist of a cylinder, which applies pressure to the drum rotor, thus bringing the brake pads into contact with the drum rotor. When the brake pedal is pressed, the rotation of the drum rotor causes forceful stopping. In this process, the gripping force is applied to the drum rotor through the drum brake pads and stops the vehicle.

The drum brake system comes with several advantages, such as it is less sensitive to faults and working even at higher temperatures. It is comfortable and less expensive.

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Anti-lock braking system

In today’s changing times, Antilock Braking System (ABS) is a technological safety feature used to keep the vehicle’s braking system safe and stable. This technology was already present, but the antilock braking system has added a whole new technology to maintain consistency between stopping and releasing the vehicle’s brake fluid. At present, the use of this type of braking system is increasing gradually.

The way an antilock braking system works is that when disc or drum brakes are applied to the wheels of a vehicle, the brakes on the different wheels are automatically slowed down by the transmitted electronic unit to control the speed operation. Is. The system handles brake rock between releasing and re-stopping the brakes according to its own algorithm, keeping the car stable and not skidding like a bird.


Parking brake

The parking brake is a type of braking system and is an important safety feature used in vehicles. It provides the vehicle with the ability to stop or stop when the vehicle is parked. It is a separate system that locks the driver’s seat or gear shift position of the vehicle so that it vehicle should be stable and can be easily parked if required.

The parking brake is normally used when in the park or neutral. It helps in preventing the vehicle from wobbling or unwanted movements while on the move. The parking brake is activated by depressing the hand lever located on the driver’s side of the vehicle with the proper tension and table.

One thing to note is that it is essential to use the parking brake properly. When you want to stop the vehicle to park, depress the parking brake at full tension with the correct pressure and table.


Electromagnetic brake

An electromagnetic brake is a type of brake that helps stop motion by using an electromagnetic field. This brake is used in various machines and mechanical devices where conductivity with water or air is undesirable.

An electromagnetic brake uses electromagnetic coils and a ferromagnetic disc to function. When the brake is applied, an electric current is triggered in the electromagnetic coils, which attracts the coil to generate an electromagnetic field. When the disc is attracted, it stops the motion and the machine or mechanical device slows down.

The advantages of the electromagnetic brake include that it can be applied quickly and safely.


Vacuum brake

Vacuum brake is also a type of braking system. It is a type of brake used in vehicles that functions by using a vacuum system. In this, the vacuum pump generates a vacuum which is useful to control the speed of the brakes. This brake is highly effective in stopping the vehicle at high minimum speeds and helps in controlling the vehicle in advanced tunnels and downhill conditions. It is used in performance vehicles, railway locomotives and trains, airplanes and airplanes, and electric vehicles.


Regenerative brake

Regenerative brakes are a type of brake used in vehicles that convert their kinetic energy into electrical energy. It harnesses the energy in various ways and stores it back while braking the vehicle.

Regenerative braking is used in vehicles that are electrically powered, such as electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles. This brake is activated when the driver presses the brake pedal.

When the brake pedal is pressed, the speed of the regenerative braking is gradually reduced and its driver feels that the vehicle is coming to a slow stop. During this process, the energy transferred to the vehicle’s system is put to use through the depressing of the brake pedal. This energy is then stored in the vehicle’s battery to supply the vehicle for later use.


Vacuum servo

For your information, let us tell you that a vacuum servo brake is a part of the brake system of a vehicle that uses the vacuum effect to increase the force of the brake pedal. This force uses a vacuum to increase the force exerted on the pedal without air or other pressure. Vacuum servo brakes provide more force with less pedal pressure to brake the vehicle, increasing brake effectiveness and control.


Eddy current brake

Eddy current is a type of brake that works using electromagnetic waves. In this, a bar or coil is fixed between magnetic items and produces an eddy current that oscillates these magnetic items.

In this process, radiation generated by the eddy current causes a rainbow current, which helps in reducing the speed of the vehicle. Thus, the eddy current brake helps in controlling the speed and stopping the vehicle.


Cantilever brake

A Cantilever brake is a technology used for braking vehicles. This brake looks like a pin or branch that is attached to the frame of the vehicle at one end and placed near the wheel at the other end. using the brake lever, when the wheel of the vehicle rotates, this lever provides the desired speed and the braking effect by consuming the residual energy. This technology gives vehicles the ability to stop while moving continuously and helps keep them safe.


What’s the V-brake?

V-brakes are a type of brake technology used for bicycles and accessories. It is used for braking at low speeds. It is also called V-brake because of its double V-shaped structure of power. This brake uses a special type of strap to hold the detent locks on one or both sides. When the split brake leaf is pressed, the V-brake gives the user an instant braking effect. It is a simple, effective, and popular brake which provides good protection during bicycle riding. Types of Brakes


Caliper Types of Brakes

Caliper Brake is a type of brake that is used to stop the vehicle. This is useful for controlling the train’s driver sound rail or progress. It stops the wheels of the car when the brake pedal is pressed.

Caliper brakes consist of a drive unit and brake fluid. When the brake pedal is pressed, the drive unit is turned on and it presses the brake fluid against the wheel. The pressure of the brake fluid causes the wheel तो stops and by this process, the train is stopped.

Caliper brake is an important element of the brake system of the vehicle and it helps in safe driving. It provides good braking and brings the vehicle to a gentle stop, thereby helping to protect components from idlers. It also helps in stopping high-speed vehicles faster.

Caliper brakes have a caliper with two or more pistons that engage on either side of the disc. When brake pads are applied with the brake lever or pedal, these pads apply pressure to the surface of the disc, which slows down the vehicle. This pressure grips the motion and generates high friction which slows down the vehicle. A Caliper brake is very important for the vehicle as it can stop the vehicle quickly and maintain its control. It provides safe stopping even at high speeds and does not generate much heat. Brakes have the ability to respond quickly when requested

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