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Friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, do you know what is a turbocharger and how it works in the engine and what is its role in the engine? If not then today we will know what is turbocharger. And how does this work? So let’s talk about turbochargers

what is the turbo engine

The power that an engine generates in its normal way, that power reaches the wheels, a mechanism is used in vehicles to make more power in the same engine. Which we call turbochargers. And the vehicles in which turbocharger is used. We call those engines turbo engines. You all must have heard that vehicles have turbocharged engines. In today’s changing era, due to changing technology, changes are seen in vehicles day by day. Turbo engine is one of them

One is the naturally aspirated engine and the other is. turbocharged engine

Naturally aspirated engines are called normal engines. In which the engine draws air accordingly. and exhausts the forged gases in the usual way.

But in a turbo engine, a turbocharger is used. Which compresses the air and sends it in greater quantity to the inlet valve. So now know what a turbocharger is

what is a turbocharger

Earlier the use of naturally aspirated engines was more in vehicles. Turbochargers are used in engines to solve this in which sometimes the fuel did not burn completely.

It works on the principle of forced induction. In simple language, the air is compressed by it. forces it on the inlet manifold. For combustion, it sends air rapidly into the cylinder.

You know all too well. That in general, the engine requires a mixture of air as well as fuel. Which helps in burning the fuel. In normal conditions, the air inlet from the intake valve of the engine enters the cylinder of the engine.

Which is the process of an engine. How much air can the engine draw? The same amount of air enters the cylinder.

Which makes the fuel. It doesn’t burn completely. And some amount of fuel does not burn. And the combustion does not happen properly. For this, a turbocharger is used in the engine. Due to this, the engine can generate more power. Due to this, the car gets extra power.


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turbocharger parts

compressor housing
compressor wheel
oil seal
turbine wheel
turbine housing

Turbocharger Design

The turbocharger is mounted on that part of the engine’s exhaust manifold. From where the burnt gases come out. Because it runs on the gases coming out of the exhaust. A turbocharger has two wheels mounted on the inside. which are connected to the same shaft. If a wheel spins.

So the second wheel also spins with it. Exhaust gases come out from a turbine wheel. And the air is drawn from the compressor wheel. In this many other components are also fitted.

turbocharger working

Burning of fuel releases exhaust gases. Because the turbocharger is mounted on the exhaust manifold of the engine. So when the engine starts. And the exhaust gases come out. So it exerts pressure on the turbine wheel. And the turbine starts rotating.

Along with this, the second turbine also starts rotating. Which draws clean air from the air filter. and forwards it to the system. This air maintains pressure on the inlet manifold. And as soon as the intake valve opens. So more and more air enters the cylinder. And the exhaust is also fast.


A turbocharger is used a lot in the present time, especially in sports vehicles it is used more. There are many benefits to a turbocharger. For example, the turbocharger draws in a large amount of air. And sends it to the engine faster. So that more amount of air can come into the combustion chamber of the engine. Fuel burns better when in contact with air.

Due to this, the entire quantity of fuel burns well without waste. Fuel efficiency is also better. and better power is obtained at the time of a power stroke


turbo lag

When the engine starts. So at that time, the exhaust pressure remains low. Due to this the turbocharger system takes some time to start the turbo. It starts then. When the turbine rotates at high speed R.P.M. Because it rotates with exhaust gases. So it takes some time. The time elapsed between starting the engine and turning the turbine. It is called turbo leg.

Types of Turbo Chargers

single turbo – This type of turbocharger is used a lot at the present time.
twin turbo
twin-scroll turbo
variable twin scroll ( VGT)
sequential turbo
series turbo
power pulse
electrically assist
parallel turbo
twin charger
ignition delay anti-lag

You know what a turbocharger is. How is its texture? And how does this work? How did you like this post, send us your suggestions in the comment box and also share the post with others. And definitely follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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