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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, do you all know what is suspension system? If not then no problem we will tell you what is suspension system and why it is important for the vehicle so let’s start


suspension system


What is suspension system?

Friends, you should know that motor vehicle has to face a lot of problems running on the road. And the suspension system plays an important role in driving the motor vehicle because the motor vehicle has to run on many types of roads like raw paved One has to walk through different types of paths, up and down. So that when the wheels of the vehicle pass through bad places, it is natural for the vehicle to jerk. Apart from this, when brakes are applied in the car.

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And when the car is turned, it is natural for the car to shake. And because of this, there is a possibility of damage to the passengers and goods sitting in the vehicle, so to avoid this situation, a suspension system is used in motor vehicles. In order to protect passengers and goods, therefore, springs are fitted between the frame or chassis body and the axle in a motor vehicle. In the second case, the axles of the vehicle are connected to the frame or body through a spring. These springs are of the following types, so let’s know

spring type
leaf spring
Coil springs are usually coil-shaped and are mostly used in light motor vehicles.
taper leaf spring
torsion bar spring



Suspension system parts and function

driving stability
Protecting passengers and other goods sitting in the vehicle from shaking
car frame shock absorbers
keep the wheels on the road while driving, braking or turning
body alignment


Suspension systems can generally be divided into two parts

front suspension system
rear suspension system

Front Suspension System –

As the name suggests, this type of suspension system is related to the front wheels of the vehicle, you all know very well that if the front wheels of the vehicle have to be turned by steering when needed, then the rear suspension system it’s more complicated than


It also usually has two types


Front Suspension System Dead axle –

This type of suspension has been used before the present time. In this system, two shock absorbers are used with two longitudinal leaf springs or transverse springs. The leaf springs are made of flat steel plates. And the layers remain one above the other, whose number is about 6-8. There is the main spring in which eye holes are made at both ends. These springs are linked together by a center bolt. Both the eye holes of the main spring are attached to the chassis by shackle pins. And these are attached to the spring pad with the axle by U bolts.

This type of leaf spring is not straight but slightly curved, it is also called a road spring, it is of the following types

transverse road spring
Semi-Elliptic Road Spring
Three Quarter Elliptic Road Spring Is
Quarter Elliptic Road Spring


Rear Suspension System –

A motor vehicle has to face many problems running on the road. Sometimes one has to pass through potholes and sometimes high and low places. Which front suspension system, as well as the rear suspension, is also used in the vehicle. In there are three types of front suspension

transverse leaf spring
coil spring rear suspension
Leaf Spring Rear Suspension




Independent Suspension System –

In this system, the leaf spring is attached to the axle in the middle. While both its ends are tied to the chassis. When one wheel of the vehicle hits a bump or a stone, that axle tilts to the other side. Due to this, the whole vehicle leans towards one side. Although the leaf spring does not allow it to bend much, it bends to some extent. Like when the speed is fast while sitting in the car. And the vehicle turns or the wheels pass through a

mound-like structure. At that time all of you must have felt that the car tilts slightly to one side. Keeping this problem in mind, the independent suspension system is often used in vehicles, as it seems by the name that the independent means which does not mean any pressure on one wheel in the independent suspension, there is pressure on the other wheel and no effect on the other wheel. And it does not have any effect on the body of the vehicle, as a result, the vehicle remains on the label.


Types of Independent Suspension Systems


Vertical slide method –

In this system, a long spindle is fitted with a stub axle. The simple can move up and down inside the bushings fitted with the front axle. This simpled is a collar on top of the simpled for the front axle. attached to the steering byroad

lives. Its movement makes the wheels move. A coil spring is fixed on the upper part of the simple and above the axle. Which judges the shocks. This system has started coming from cars.


Dividing axle method –

This type of method is mostly used in the rear axle of the vehicle. In which the differential box is fixed with the chassis. And the drive is given to the wheels by axle shaft and universal joint. and axle shaft. There are springs on the outside of the tube. A universal joint is used on the axle to transmit power from the differential to the wheels.


3. Swinging arm method –

In this type of method, the wheels are fitted by adding a stave axle to a part of the swinging arm. And on the other side, it is connected to a torsion bar. Many vehicles have rear suspension on principle. A torsion bar is used in place of spring in these.


 Rubber Spring Suspension –

This system is very popular in foreign countries. It occupies less space. And I am light in weight. There is no noise in this system, in this system hollow rubber band walk noises are made between two iron leaves. The upper disc is tied to the upper arm. And the bottom disc is tied to the bottom arm.


Following are some of the advantages of an independent suspension system

Suspension is very flexible
car avoids rollover
Steering is characterized when the spring distance of the front wheel is
There is enough space for the engine


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