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what is supercharger

Usually, the engine draws air. It burns in the combustion chamber as a mixture of normal air fuel. From which power is made.

But in some petrol engines, more fuel mixture is burnt so that more power can be obtained. A supercharger is used in them.

Which pulls more and reaches the cylinder. Due to this, the power of the engine increases. It is usually located in the middle of the inlet manifold. The supercharger increases the proportion of the fuel mixture in the cylinder.


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how supercharger works

 superchargers are one such mechanism. Due to this, it is applied to the engine itself. And it takes power from the engine itself. As soon as the engine starts. An engine that draws normal air.

superchargers supply more air to the engine cylinder than they should. Due to this the amount of air increases with the engine fuel. As more fuel mixture is burnt, the engine produces more power.

The supercharger works simultaneously with the engine as soon as the engine is started. Due to this, the engine starts getting power at the very beginning. Vehicles that require high performance.

 superchargers are used in them like supercharger is mainly used in racing vehicles.


how many types of superchargers are there

There are mainly some types of superchargers which are as follows –

1. Roots-type supercharger

In this supercharger, two rotors are fitted in the shape of an epicycloid. And these are often attached to gears. Whenever the rotor shaft rotates. So the two rotors rotate at the same speed but in opposite directions to each other.

Also, the lobes of the rotor meet each other at right angles. This lobe is pushed forward by pressing between the supercharger casing. and goes from the outlet through the manifold to the cylinder


2 . Centrifugal Type Supercharger

It has a rotor attached to it. Which runs at about 1000 R.P.M. In this, the mixture of petrol and air reaches the middle of this rotor. And it passes through the vanes from the outer casing to the cylinder through the manifold.


3. Vain Type Supercharger-

The housing in this supercharger is cylindrical. It has one inlet and one outlet passage. A drum in the housing is screwed onto the shaft.

And this shaft is fitted eccentrically in the housing. Veins are attached outside the brain. Which sticks to the wall due to the spring. when the drum rotates.

So the space between the drum and the housing decreases from the inlet to the outlet, due to which the mixture of petrol and air coming through the inlet moves forward by pressing between the vanes and drum and housing. and goes from the outlet to the cylinder through the manifold


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