Spur Gears Vs Helical Gears

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Spur Gears Vs Helical Gears

Spur Gears                                                     Helical Gears


Spur gears

these types of gears transmit power through a shaft and the teeth built into spur gears are parallel to the shaft. these gears produce radial reaction loads on parallel shafts. They are noisier than helical gears. Two types of spurs are commonly used in industry. gears are used

External Spur Gears –

In this type of gear, the teeth are cut into the outer surface of the cylinder, hence it is called external spur gear.

Internal Spur Gears –

In the internal spur gears system, the teeth in the gears are cut into the inner surface of the cylinder hence it is called internal spur gears


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Advantage of spur gears

Spur Gears have a very simple design and are easy to install due to their simple design.
The power transmission efficiency of this type of gear is very good.
 gears occupy less space, due to which they are also used in places where there is a shortage of space.
More efficient than helical gears
A large amount of power can be transmitted through spur gears


Disadvantages of spur gears

  • these gears are noisier because their teeth engagement is not gradual as at one point the teeth of the
  • drawing gear mesh with the driven gear.
  • these cannot be connected between non-parallel shafts
  •  gears driving mechanisms are quite expensive
  • this types gears is subjected to additional stress which leads to cracking and poor operation
  • The spur gear is not sufficient for power transmission over long distances.


Application of Spur Gears

  • gear motor
  • gear pump
  • marine engine
  • rolling mills
  • steel industry
  • automotive engine



Helical gears

This is a type of gearbox, helical gears are used in this type of gearbox. This type of gearbox is used a lot at the present time. Helical gearboxes also look almost similar to other gearboxes but there are some changes in them such as their teeth being cut at an angle to their axis. Helicoid in helical gears. A cylindrical roller of teeth is used on which the helicoidal teeth are cut. Helical gears and gearboxes are known to be more efficient in carrying higher loads and the vibration in helical gears is also less as compared to other gears. The risk of breaking is less because in this more load falls on the helical and this type of gear system is capable of taking more load.

Advantages of Helical Gears

  • Helical gears are more efficient in handling higher loads than spur gears.
  • Helical gears have less noise and less vibration than spur gears.
  • These types of gear are widely used in the industrial sector.
  • These gears are less prone to cracking as compared to spur gears.
  • These are used in many industrial sectors, so they are easily available in the market.

Disadvantages and helical gears

  • Helical gears cost more than spur gears
  • It produces high friction while shifting gears and hence requires more cooling system
  • When a pair of helical gears come into contact, a thrust is created due to the helical angle, and a thrust bearing is used to absorb that thrust.

Application of Spur Gears

  • rolling mills
  • steel industry
  • automotive engine
  • fertilizers industries
  • plastic industry
  • conveyors
  • printing industries

Types of helical gears

There are two types of helical gears

1 right-hand helical gears

This is a type of helical gear in which the teeth on the gear are inclined towards the right, hence it is known as right-hand helical gear.

2 left-hand helical gears

These are also almost similar in appearance to right-hand helical gears, but in this type of helical gear the teeth on the gear are inclined towards the left, hence it is called left-hand helical gear.


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