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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is a spark plug. And how it works and how many types are there. So let’s know about the spark plug


spark plug

what is a spark plug?

You all must know that spark is used to burn fuel in petrol vehicles. Which is made through the spark plug. So what is a spark plug after all? so tell you that

The spark plug is one such device. which generates a spark. It is used in petrol engines. The spark plug ignites the fuel mixture. It is usually connected to the ignition coil. and is mounted on the engine head. It works on an electric magnetic system.


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what does a spark plug do?

The vehicle has a D.C battery for the electrical system. To which many electrical components are connected. He is one of them. The spark plug works on electric magnetic induction.

In this, the coil is connected to a D.C battery. There are two coils. the primary coil and secondary coil

In primary coil. A magnetic field is created due to the flow of current. And due to this, alternating current is generated in the secondary coil which is of very high power.

Now a distributor is used to transmit this high power to the spark plug. A distributor is a type of rotational device. It often moves around.

There are points in this. When these points touch while rotating, then power is received. A step-up transformer is used in this. Due to this the current converts from D.C to A.C. From which high voltage A.C is obtained.


main parts of the spark plug

plug terminal
spark plug gap
central electrode
metal case

Insulator –

It lies between the spark terminal and the electrode. The insulator does not allow a connection between the center electrode and the cell. Because if the center electrode and the cell are connected, then the electric current gets converted from the center of the cell to the earth. That’s why insulators are used in spark plugs.
Ribs ground electrode

The current is transmitted to the current center electrode through a high-tension cable. Whereas some gap is kept between the ground electrode. The gap ranges from 0.6 M.M to 1 M.M.


how many types of spark plugs are there

There are mainly three types of spark plugs

Copper Spark Plug –

This type of spark plug is mostly used. In this, copper is used in the center electrode.

which is of good quality. Whenever most new vehicles are bought. So only a copper spark plug is attached to it. It is advisable to change it to about 10 to 12 thousand kilometers. because its life is so long


Platinum Spark Plug –

Its working mechanism also remains the same as that of the Copper Spark Plug. But its life lasts a little longer.


Iridium Spark Plug –

The quality is very good. This is long life. Also, its spark quality is very good. Due to which combustion is good.

And the performance of the vehicle is also good. Miss spark is negligible in this. Engine life is also good. And gives good mileage even in low fuel


How to check the spark plug?

Spark Plug Function To check that the spark plug is working properly. To know whether or not, first of all open the spark plug and install the high tension plug and earth the plug by turning the engine, if the spark is being formed properly between the electrodes then the spark plug is correct. And vice versa if the spark is not being generated properly. So there is something wrong with the spark plug. Apart from this, if the engine cylinder does not work on earth, then the spark plug is correct. One thing must be noted that while earthing the spark plug one must act carefully and keep the body away from the engine



Some defects related to plug

You all know very well that spark plugs are used in petrol engines. Due to running for a long time, some defects come in it. what we are talking about

Sometimes the spark plug gets overheated.
The current is earthed due to the accumulation of excess carbon in the spark plug.
Sometimes the current does not flow due to oil in the spark plug.
plug failure
side electrode and bangle breakage

There are many other reasons that lead to faulty spark plugs. Cleaning most spark plugs clears many faults.

how to maintain a plug

The spark plug should be cleaned at least once a month and the gap should be set

If there is carbon build-up inside the spark, clean it.

If the spark plug electrodes are worn, a new plug should be used.

Oil and dirt deposited on the outside of the plug must be cleaned to prevent it from heating up.

the spark plug must be tightened

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