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Rear Axle

What are rear axles

You all will know that in most motor vehicles, the rear wheels or rear wheels are driven by the power coming from the engine. Power from the engine travels through the clutch, gearbox, and propeller shaft to the differential.

And then the differential divides that power at right angles i.e. 90° par rear axle. The main part in the rear axle is the axle casing. And axle shafts only work to transmit the power received from the differential to the wheels on the shaft.


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Types of rear axle 

There are two types of the rear axle

1. Rear axle live –

In this type of axle, the power is transmitted to the rear wheels through the differential. And the rear wheels drive the front wheels. The rear live axle means the power goes to the rear wheels. There are also two types


Flexible axle shaft –

An Independent suspension system is used in this. In which the axle shaft is connected to the differential through a universal joint. In which the differential is connected to the chassis through a spring.


Rear axle rigid –

This type of axle is used a lot in motor vehicles. And it has been used for a long time. In this system, spline cuts are provided on the inner side of the axle shaft.

And through these spline cuts, the axle shaft is connected to the differential. And the wheels are fitted on their outer ends. And over these axle casing is used. And the differential is attached to this casing. When the casing in which these axles rotate. The vehicle bears more weight on the same casing.


There are also two types of axle casing.

1. Split rear axle casing –

In this system, the axle casing is divided into two parts. And a hub flange is made on a part of the axle tube. And on the other side, half differential housing is made.

And in the middle of the two half-differential housings, the differentials are joined together by housing nut bolts. This type of axle casing is not used at present. And they are very heavy in weight.


2 . Banjo rear axle casing –

At present Benzo rear axle casing is used in most motor vehicles. In this system, an axle casing tube is used on both sides. And the housing is used in the middle for the differential.

And covers are fitted on it. And the axle tubes are fitted with prod spring seating pads. And a sleeve is fitted on the edge of the tube. And they have bearings. And the wheels are fitted through bearings in the axle casing. These axles rotate through the hub flange.



2 . Rear axle dead –

In this system, no power is transmitted through the engine to the rear axle. Rather the power is transmitted to the front wheels by the engine. And the front wheels only drive the car and simultaneously pull the rear wheels.

This type of system is used in vehicles like Matador and currently, it is used in Maruti etc. vehicles.


how to fit shaft in the rear axle

The shaft in the rear axle rotates with the help of bearings inside the tube of the casing. And the wheels keep rotating through the hub. It is fitted in three ways


1. Full floating type shaft fitting –

This type of fitting is the best. In this method, there is no weight of the vehicle on the axle shaft. In this method, splines or grooves are cut on the inside of the axle shaft.

Which are trapped in the spline of the sun pinion. And the flange is made on the outer end of the shaft. It is connected by bolts to the hub on the brake drum and rotates the wheels. Two taper roller bearings are mounted on the axle casing tube and on these the brake drum rotates.


2 . Semi-floating type shaft fitting –

This type of method was used a long time ago. In this type of fitting, the axle shaft rotates in the axle casing with the help of ball bearings. Splines are cut on the inside of the axle shaft.

Locks with the sun pinion of the differential. The outer end of the axle shaft is tapered. There is a nut on it. This hub fits on the outer edge of the axle casing and turns the wheel. In this type of arrangement, the entire weight of the vehicle rests on the axle shaft only.


Three-quarter floating type shaft fitting –

This type of arrangement is still used in some small vehicles. In this type of shaft fitting the bearing is placed in the center of the wheel. And a bearing is also fitted in the taper at the top end of the axle casing.

It is almost similar to semi-floating. In this arrangement, at the time of straight movement of the vehicle, its weight is borne equally by the inner bearing and the outer bearing.

But while turning, there is more load on the axle. To remove the axle shaft, it has to be raised on a jack. Because there is some weight of the motor vehicle on it.


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