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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, you must have heard about many types of mechanics, do you know? What is a motor mechanic and what does he do? In this post, we will know what is a motor mechanic. How to do ITI from Motor Mechanic and also know what jobs can be applied for after doing ITI from Motor Mechanic. So let’s know about Automobile mechanics, first of all, we will know what is an Automobile mechanic.

motor mechanic



What is a motor mechanic?

In general terms, the motor mechanic is also called a technician or in common language mechanic. The work of an Automobile mechanic is done. Maintenance and repair of vehicles. A motor mechanic has knowledge of all the tools related to the vehicle. And there is information about the repair and maintenance of all parts of the vehicle. You must have understood what an Automobile mechanic is. So do you want to know how to become a motor mechanic? So friends, let us tell you that to become a motor mechanic one has to do a course. There is a course in ITI, MMV means Motor Mechanic Vehicle, so we will discuss further this, so let’s know


What is a motor mechanic vehicle course?

Let us tell you that the Automobile Mechanic course is a two-year course at the Industrial Training Institute. A certificate in Automobile Mechanics is given after completing this course. And after that apply for a better job. Job opportunities are available in many private and government organizations.


How many years is the motor mechanic course?

The time taken to do an automobile mechanic vehicle course under ITI is 2 years. It includes about 30% theory and about 70% practical. While doing this course, maintenance and repair of all parts of the vehicle are taught. In this, subjects like theory, mathematics, and engineering drawing are taught.


What is the eligibility for a motor mechanic course?

Let us know what is the eligibility for the automobile Mechanic course. So for this, there are some following qualifications –

Age – The minimum age for this course is from 14 years to 40 years.

Educational Qualification – It is necessary to pass 10th or 12th from any recognized board.


On what basis is the selection done in automobile Mechanics?

Let us know that every year applications are made in ITI. And then there is a test. In which admission is given according to rank. Apart from this, the selection is done on the basis of merit in many ITIs. This course is done through government and private institutions.


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How will be the job after doing a motor mechanic vehicle course?

After doing this course, a person can have many job options. Like he can do a job in any company. Or can start some business of his own. Because after getting training a person has a good skill. After doing a course in Automobile mechanics, a person can work in many other ways like diesel mechanic, and engine mechanic.


Benefits of doing the Automobile mechanic course

After doing this course, a person can work in any company for a good salary.

Apart from this, a person can start a business of his own. And he can give employment to others as well.

If any person wants to study further after getting the certificate. And goes on to do a diploma in engineering. So he gets the benefit of it.

And the person can also apply for government posts. There is a benefit to this too.




How much is the Automobile mechanic vehicle course fee?

There are two ways to do an automobile mechanic course, a government and a private government course, the fees can be around 1000 to 4000. On the other hand, for doing a course from private, the fees can be between 1000 to 25000.

what have you learned?

In this post, you have come to know what is an automobile mechanic. And how to do a motor mechanic course. What is the fee for this? And how many job opportunities are there after doing this course, I hope you like this information, then share it with others and send your suggestions to us in the comment box and follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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