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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is micrometer. And of what use is it? And how many types are there? So let’s know about it


what is a micrometer?

There are many parts in automobiles, such as in the engine and elsewhere, whose measurements are very precise. Those whom the caliper cannot go through this steel foot rule. That’s why a micrometer is used. It works on the nut and bolt principle. On the basis of the measurement system, they are two types. The metric numeral system, British numeral system Micrometer can measure up to 0.01 mm in the metric system and can measure up to 0.001 mm in the British system


Types of micrometers

Inside Micrometer –

It is used to measure the internal roundness of a cylindrical object. Micro measurements are also taken through this. A thin rod is attached to this micrometer. It can measure up to half an inch at a time. These also come in mm numerals in the metric system.


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Outside Micrometer –

This micrometer is used to take precise and direct measurements of the outside of a circular job. Its shape is usually like a U. But in special cases, its design is kept touching the job between the anvil and the spindle by rotating the ratchet to measure it.


depth micrometer

Screw pitch micrometer – With the help of this micrometer, the diameter of a bolt, thread, etc. can be measured.


Flange micrometer –

Through this micrometer gear, teeth o the paper seat are measured.


Three Pin Micrometer –

This type of micrometer is used for internal measurement of the bore etc. of a component. A master gauge is also used in this. from which its diameter can be set


Tube micrometer –

used to measure the thickness of the inside diameter of the component


Vernier Micrometer –

It can also measure 0.001mm. Any component can be measured


Digital Micrometer –

Any component of 0.001mm can also be measured with this micrometer


Parts of micrometer
locking ring

what is the least count of micrometers?

The smallest measurement can be taken with a micrometer. The least count of the micrometer is called


what is the calibration of a micrometer?

A micrometer is calibrated in two places

1. Barrel or sleeve calibration – On the metric micrometer baseline, 25mm is divided into 25 equal parts and the local value is marked on each 5. It remains above the calibration line.

2 . Thimble calibration – In metric micrometers, the thimble is divided into 0 to 50 divisions. Its value is marked on every 5th mark


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