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Hello readers, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is the magneto ignition system. And how does it work? And how many types are these, we will try to know in detail, let us know what is magneto ignition system. is and how it works.


What is a magneto ignition system?


As you all would know an ignition system is used in vehicles. Ignition is used to ignite the fuel in a petrol vehicle. There are generally two types of ignition systems used in vehicles.

battery ignition system
magneto ignition system

We are talking about this in this post. About magneto ignition system This type of ignition system was mostly used in earlier times, but due to the changing technology in present times, the use of this type of system has started decreasing.

And only in a few vehicles, it is used now. The magneto ignition system automatically generates the correct voltage current for the spark.

It does not require a battery. There are several types of magneto systems. We will discuss this further, in some magnets, the magnet is fixed in one place.

And the magnet coil used in it. It rotates with the flywheel. In some magnets, on the contrary, the magnet coil remains in one place. But permanent magnets keep on rotating.

Some magnets are fitted with two-pole shoes. So, in some, there are four also. Some magnets are attached to the flywheel of the engine as an assembly.

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How many types of magneto ignition systems are there?


Let’s know now. We will learn about the different types of magneto ignition systems in detail. So let us tell you that there are three main types which are as follows


Camshaft magneto system – A camshaft is used in this type of system. And this cam runs through the distributor. And it runs through the gear made on the camshaft used in the engine. Whenever the magnet rotates. So the opening of the condenser armature and C.B point gives a high current to spark plugs.




Single cylinder magneto ignition system – In this type of system, a single handle is used. And turning and kicking the handle causes the permanents to spin. Due to this the circuit is connected and disconnected with the help of a cam by the C.B point of the primary and secondary winding in the armature. Whenever a circuit break occurs. So at this time sufficient current is generated in the spark plug. In this, a condenser is used to protect the primary winding and the point. This is a common method. At present, magnets are of much higher capacity.


Rotating Magnet Magneto – This type of system is used in four-cylinder engines. The magnet keeps rotating in it. And the armature and pole shoe remain stationary. Also, C.B points also remain constant. And the cam also rotates. whenever the flywheel rotates. Along with it the magnet also rotates. After that current is generated. After that this current comes first in the primary coil. And after this, the rotating cam rotates at C.B point. This produces a high current in the secondary coil. Which goes to the distributor. After that, through the distributor or with the help of the rotor the current reaches all four spark plugs according to the firing order. And to save C.B point condenser is used in it





How to fix magneto ignition problems


No matter what the system is, there are bound to be faulted in it. And it is also necessary to correct them from time to time. Otherwise, the problems increase. In this post, we will learn about some such problems and how to fix them, so let’s know about some of the faults that often come in the magneto system.

The Magneto system not working when the engine is warm Check for the magneto coil earth short and eliminate short


The current is getting less in the magneto. There is a fault in the MAGNETO coil. The condenser is damaged. Or the C.B point gap is bad? Or wiring connections have become loose. Eliminate this deficiency by checking all.


Current is not generated in magneto. C.B points are damaged. The magnet coil is burnt Condenser is bad


Magneto misfired at rapid speed C.B point spring has weakened C.B point has increased more. Check properly and remove the deficiency

how to maintain magneto

Maintenance is necessary for the magneto to run for a long time. Timely check C.B points and keep them clean. The gap should be checked. If there is a lack of insulation on the coil due to any reason, then the insulation on the coil should be varnished.





In this post, you came to know what is magneto coil. And how many types are there? and how it works. Hope you liked this post, how did you like this post, send us your suggestions in the comment box. And also share this post with others and follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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