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lathe machine

Hello readers, welcome to all of you, in another new post today we will know what is a lathe machine. And how does it do this? So let’s know about the lathe machine

what is a lathe machine

A lathe machine is such a device or device. Which is used to rotate a workpiece. This is done by the name of the turning machine. And also known as a lathe machine.

It is used in various operations. Such as turning, threading, facing, and many other tasks, it is used. Tools are used for this process. and are used by moving the tools against the revolving workpiece and these


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lathe machine works

The main function of the lathe machine is To remove metal from a workpiece so that it can be molded into the desired shape as the lathe machine workpiece rotates against the tool.

The tool is used to remove metal from the workpiece. If some work is to be done on any material. Or to make some changes to it. So chuck that material that is mounted on the lathe.

By applying it and then with the help of a cutting tool, work can be done on the material as per the requirement. Lathe machines are used in many operations. some of which are as follows


lathe machine operation
Counter Turning
Taper turning

Many operations are done by lathe machine etc.

Lathe Machine Parts

A lathe machines consists of the following parts

1. Head Stock – It is located at the top of the machine. In which the spindle gear train and chuck are installed. Change of speed and speed is controlled by means of a gear train.

For this, levers are installed in it. Whereas a clutch is used next to it. Which engages and disengages the spindle. Also, a chuck is used in it.


Chak – How is the working piece going on this? It moves with the spindle. It is fitted with a spindle. These are of two types.

Three Jaw Chuck and Four Jaw Chuck

Bed- How most of the parts of the machine are through bolts on this. This is the main part. It is also called the base of the machine. There is also a guideway on its upper part. It guides the tailstock and the carriage

Tailstock – This is located on the top left side of the left machine. Its work is done. Supporting one side of the workpiece with a rod mounted on it


Carriage – It consists of a tool post, Apron,  Compound Rest, Cross  Slide, and saddle

Cross slide – with the help of which the Carriage is slid

Saddle – cross slide attached to it

Apron – The moving parts which are covered with Apron. Parts are not visible because of this. Apart from these, hard rods and feed rods, and lead screws are also used in this.

Tool Post – It has a function. Fitting the tool It has a T slot. How does the tool go with the help of which?

Legs – This is the main part. The entire load of the machine is on the lags. The machine operation legs are fixed on the floor by nuts.

Compound Rest – The tool that is being used with its help. can set it at any angle

Now you know what is a lathe machine. and how it works. How did you like the post, send us your suggestions in the comment box and also share this post with others and do follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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