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Helical Gearbox


What is a helical gearbox?

A helical gearbox is a part and type of transmission system. Helical gears are used in this type of gearbox. This type of gearbox is widely used. Helical gearboxes are more common and efficient than other gearboxes. In this type of gear, their teeth are cut at an angle to their axis. In helical gears, a cylindrical roller of helicoid teeth is used. This type of gear is capable of taking more load and at the same time the vibration is less than other gears because more load remains on the helical, in this type of gear there is a risk of breaking gears and


Helical Gears Definition

In general terms, helical gears are used to connect two parallel shafts, on whose teeth angles are cut.


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Helical Gearbox Working Principle

Helical gears are used in a helical gear in which a set of gears are used and the gears are in an oblique position and are cylindrical. Same thing but with some changes


Advantages of Helical Gearbox

Let us know about some of the advantages of helical gears which are as follows

A helical gear is able to take more load as compared to other gearboxes. simultaneously

The helical gear also has less vibration and less noise

These types of gear are widely used in the industrial sector.

Less chance of breakage of gears in the Helical gear

They cost a lot and are easily available




Double Helical Gear

Double helical gears are also called herringbone gears. In this type of gear, the teeth of the gears are made on special axes which are made on either side of the gear centre and appear v-shaped. This gearbox is used for high loads on parallel shafts. is used to transmit


assembly of helical gearbox

Let us know about the helical gear assembly which is as follows

input oil seal

output shaft oil seal

input shaft pinion bearings

output shaft pinion bearings

Intermediate Pinion Bearings


helical gearbox types

There are two types of helical gears

1 right-hand helical gears

In this type of helical gear, the teeth on the gear are inclined to the right.

2 left-hand helical gears

In this type of helical gear, the teeth on the gear are inclined to the left.

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