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what is gearbox

Any vehicle needs more torque while running from the start, lifting the load or climbing uphill. This is the main reason for installing a gearbox. That can increase the power of the engine ie torque. And the vehicle can be driven according to the road and load in every condition. The engine needs a lot of power to drive a parked car.

And in such a situation the speed of the train is not important. But when a car is moving at a high speed at some level. Then it is better to use the working torque at a higher speed than to apply more torque on the wheels.

The engine is not able to work in such a large speed range. And so in vehicles, a set of wheels is placed between the engine and the wheels, which is called the transmission system or gearbox.

 gearboxes types

There are many types of gearboxes

manual transmission gear box

This system has been used in the automobile sector for many years. And in modern times, it is also the most popular form of transmission. Power from the engine passes through the transmission system before the wheels.

The main function of the transmission is to control the speed and torque of the wheels at different driving speeds. In this type of system, the gears are shifted manually by a lever.


This gearbox is divided according to the combination of different pairs of gears

sliding mash gearbox
constant mesh gearbox
synchro mash gearbox

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Sliding Mash Gear Box –

This gearbox is in use for a long time. It is quite simple to use. It has three shafts.
input shaft
output shaft

The input shaft and the output shaft are connected through a counter. Power is routed to the output shaft through gears mounted on the countershaft. After this, the output shaft transmits this power to the propeller shaft. Next, this power goes to the wheels. A gear in the input shaft is connected continuously to one of the gears of the countershaft.

The gear on the output shaft is connected to the gear lever on the countershaft. There were some problems in shifting gears in this type of gearbox.


2 . Constantmesh Gear Box –

The power system remains the same in this gearbox as well. Power comes to the input shaft through the engine clutch. In this the gears are mounted on the output shaft. They don’t stay fixed.


On the contrary, Volter is fitted with gears of different ratios mounted on the shaft. which cannot move freely. The gears of the countershaft are always connected to the output shaft. These connected gears have different ratios.



First gear – This gear is larger in size and has three times more teeth than the gear mounted on the countershaft. Because of this, this gear rotates three times slower than the gear on the countershaft. and three times the torque on the output shaft

In order to transmit power to the output shaft, one of the free gears moving on the output shaft needs to be locked. Hence two hubs are fixed on the output shaft.

Which are permanently fixed on the shaft. and rotate with the shaft. While the other gears remain in a free state. Their gears are locked with the shaft by the hub.

Due to this, the shaft starts rotating. The hub is fitted with a sleeve that moves accelerating on the hub on the side of each gear.


3. Synchro Mesh Gear Box –

In this type of system, it is important to connect the two gears moving at different speeds easily without noise.

That the speed of both the gears is the same before adding up. The word synchro is used for moving together. Equalizing the speed of two parts moving at different speeds is called synchronizing.

The gears running at different speeds in the gearbox need to be shifted to the same speed before shifting. For which a device is used in the gearbox. This is called the synchronizer unit.

This device equalizes the speed of two gears before shifting them. And the gears shift smoothly. It works on the principle of a friction clutch system. In this system, a synchronized unit is used to shift gears.

The synchronized unit consists of the following parts

synchronized clutch
synchronized clutch spring
synchronized ring
synchronized clutch slip

Let’s know some faults in the gearbox and their remedies

noise from gearbox

You must have ever seen that due to the continuous running of the gearbox for a long time, there are some defects in it, which need to be resolved. One of which is the noise coming from the gearbox, some of the reasons are as follows

Reason  Solution

1. Gears have broken teeth

2 . Gearbox bearings are faulty or broken – Check bearings and replace defective bearings

3. The gearbox is not aligned with the engine –  Check the gearbox to make sure it is aligned with the engine

4. The synchronized ring is worn out or broken

Replace the –  Ring

5. Gearbox lacks lubrication –  Fill gear oil


On leaking gear oil


Reason  solution

1. Gearbox is too oily – fill oil to a certain surface

2 . Drain plug Washer cut off – Replace another washer

3. There is a hole in the gear housing.

4. Gearbox oil seat is cut – Replace the oil seat

5. Drain plug bolt is cut or defective –  Replace another drain plug


turns off automatically after shifting gears


Reason  solution

1. Gears have sharp or worn teeth

2 . Gears are crooked

3. Gear selector spring is broken or weakened –  Replace the selector shaft spring

4. Adjustment of gear link is bad – Check and correct the adjustment

has difficulty shifting gears

Reason  solution

1. Gear Teeth Are Broken –

2 . Gearbox lacks lubrication –  Fill a certain amount of gear oil

3. There is a fault in the gear selector mechanism – Check and remedy

4. The shaft grooves are defective –  Replace the new main shaft in this case

5. Clutch not disengaging properly –  Adjust clutch correctly

Hope you got to know something about some faults in the gearbox and their remedies.

how gearbox works

The gearbox transmits the power from the engine to the wheels, to which gear sets are attached to the gearbox.

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