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Engine cc



What is CC in an engine?

All of you must have heard or seen that the engines of vehicles are measured in C.C. It is written in the engine of the vehicles. like. 110 cc engine or 45o c.c engine. So what is this CC after all? And what is its use in automobiles? So let us tell you that the capacity of the engine is measured in cc.

CC stands for Engine. Cubic Capacity or Cubic Centimeter You all know very well that every object has a unit of measurement.

As distance is measured in meters, similarly there are many other units of measurement. In the same way, we measure the capacity of the engine in cc or say in cubic centimeters, how it is measured, let us know about it in detail.

CC is the capacity of the engine. Which is the measurement of the cylinder of the engine. That is, how much mixture burns in the engine cylinder in one go. We usually know it in C.C. Let us tell you that on the basis of some facts in the cylinder, CC is determined in the engine. which are the following


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CC in the engine The cylinder in the engine is a hollow circular part. And in this hollow part of the cylinder, the piston travels from T.D.C (Top Deck Center) to (B.D.C). And the space between T.D.C and B.D.C of the piston. This is called a stroke. Now you must have understood what stroke is. It can also be called the height of the cylinder.


The hollow circular part inside the cylinder, which is also called diameter or diameter, is called the cylinder bore. The bore and stroke of the cylinder are used to find the volume of the cylinder. The piston is also designed according to the bore of the cylinder.


how to find the volume of a cylinder

Let us know how the volume or CC of the cylinder and the entire engine is determined.

Let’s say you just want to know the volume of a cylinder. So a formula is used for that.


Here πr2 stands for bore. Which is the circular inner part of the cylinder. That’s where it shows. The stroke is the part between T.D.C to B.D.C of the cylinder. And there is also height. Now if the measurement of the bore and stroke of the cylinder is known, then C.C. or capacity can be easily determined. Keep in mind that we are discussing only one cylinder right now.


For example, suppose the stroke of a cylinder is 10 C.M and the bore is 12 C.M, then

First, find out the radius of the diameter which is half of the diameter

That is, if the diameter is 12 C.M then the radius is 6 C.M.

πr2h =3.14×6×6×12=1356.48 cm3 Volume of a cylinder

But in vehicles, more than one cylinder is used. Now the total volume of an engine has to be found. So the volume value of one cylinder has to be multiplied by all the other cylinders. So the value of the whole engine will be C.C.

For example, an engine has 4 cylinders. and assume the volume value of a cylinder is 1356.48 TAB

Volume of whole engine = 1356.48×4 = 5425.92 cm3 or 5425.92 C.C total

The term CC is mostly used for 2-wheelers. At the same time, many engines are also measured in liters. Mostly it is seen somewhere in four-wheelers. The measurement is in liters. So how is it measured in liters? so tell you that

1000 C.C = 1 liter.

To find the engine in liters, the total C.C. is divided by 1000, then the measurement comes out in liters.

Is more C.C. engine good?

In most cases, the higher the C.C. of the engine. More fuel can be burnt in it. More power can be obtained. That is, as many cylinders as there are, so much power can be obtained.

But this does not always happen. Let us tell you that there are two types of engine conditions which are as follows

OVER-SQUARE ENGINE In this the diameter of the bore is more. And the measurement of stroke (STROKE) is less. And the diameter of the piston is also more. In this, the piston has to travel less to go from B.D.C to T.D.C. When the engine is at high R.P.M. So the piston travels faster due to less distance covered. And due to this the crankshaft also rotates very fast. This type of engine is used in petrol vehicles.

UNDER SQUARE ENGINE- In this type of engine, the bore of the cylinder is less. And the measurement of stroke (STROKE) is more. So that the piston has to travel more to go from T.D.C to B.D.C. Due to this when the piston moves. So the crankshaft rotates slowly as compared to an OVER-SQUARE ENGINE. torque is more. But the speed is less, and this type of engine is used in diesel vehicles.

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