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Hello readers, welcome to all of you in another new post, in this post we will know what is the electronic ignition system. And how does it work? And what is its use in an automobile? So let’s know about it in detail without delay


electronic ignition


what is an electronic ignition system

In the changing era of automobiles, many changes keep happening in vehicles. In the present times, there are changes in many features in comparison to the old times, one of which is. the electronic ignition system, the ignition is applied to the engine. Electronic Control Unit It is usually installed in the engine. And it is also known as the mind of the engine. It acts as a sensor. It is a part of an ignition system.

In this type of system, instead of making and breaking the primary current through the C.B point, this work is done through E.C.U. In this type of system, there is some degree of separation between the distributor and the ignition coil.

Due to this, they can work at high voltage. Due to the high voltage current generated in it about 46000 V, the gap in the spark plug is kept more to some extent.

the length of the spark plug increases to some extent. And the spark plug is able to burn the mixture well. This allows the engine to run even with a lower fuel mixture ratio. Due to this less smoke comes out. And fuel is also saved.


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how does an electronic ignition system work

This type of system is used to make and break the primary circuit at the place of the C.B point inside the distributor. This hall effect sensor is again in the form of a plus.

This is called the electronic control unit. An electronic transistor circuit is used in the control unit. And the primary circuit is made and broken by the E.C.U. Due to this, it becomes possible to generate high voltage current.




types of electronic ignition system

This type of system is mainly of three types, whose details are given in further detail.

Half Effect Sensor – It acts as a sensor. There is a magnetic pole in the sensor. These magnetic poles eliminate the magnetized rays when they come through the shutters.

This is the function of the hall effect sensor. In some electronic ignition systems, it is used to eliminate the magnetic field in the distributor. When a steel shutter comes between the two magnetic poles.

 when the magnetic ray formed between them ends. The rotor used in this type of distributor. That cover is in the form of a plate. Due to this the shutter easily moves between the two magnet poles.

So the signal to E.C.U. On the contrary when the shutter is not in the middle. So the magnetic sensor gives voltage. As soon as the shutter closes again. And the primary voltage ends. So high voltage current is formed in the secondary winding.



Magnetic Control Electronic Ignition System – In this type of system, the C.B point is not used to break and connect the primary circuit.

Rather a rotating magnetic fixed coil is used in it. The magnetic fix coil acts as the sensor coil. Whenever the magnet rotates, the magnetic fix comes in front of the coil.

Then the current in the sensor coil is fixed. And this voltage is used to stop the primary current flowing through the E.C.U. When the flow of current ceases.

So a high voltage current is generated in the secondary winding of the ignition coil. So now you must have understood what it is and how it works. coming up next


Contact Control Transistorized Type System This is a system used for the first time, in this type of system C.B point is used inside the distributor.

And also a transistor is used before connecting and breaking the primary circuit. This transistor works to connect and break the circuit.

Also, these transistors have three parts of N and P-type materials. And the middle part of these is called the base. And through this, the current flowing through the transistor is controlled.

Along with this, one part is called an ammeter and the other part is called a collector when the current runs in the middle part. The slabs in all three parts change from non-conductor to conductor.




What is E.C.U.?

E.C.U means Electronic Control Unit, it acts like a brain in the engine.  controls the activities in the engine.

And also controls the mixture coming into the engine.  also helps in increasing the power of the engine. Improves ignition timing when sparking through the spark plug.

Generally speaking, these are the electronic devices that are fitted to the engine. And controls all the activities happening in the engine.  also helps in increasing the power of the engine.


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