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Electric Cars


Electric Cars


Hello readers, welcome to all of you in another new post, do you know what is an electric cars? Technology is constantly changing in the automobile sector. And from time to time, there are all the car manufacturing companies in the world are developing new technology in cars. There is a change in this. Fuel You all know very well that most vehicles run on petrol and diesel.



What are electric cars?

You all know very well. Different types of cars in the world run on different types of fuels. Like Petrol, Diesel, and C.N.G, apart from these many cars run on electricity. Which is known as Electric Car. In simple words, an electric car runs by getting power from a battery. There is no fuel emission in these types of vehicles as compared to I.C engines. Which is environment friendly. Also, noise is negligible in these types of vehicles.

A regenerative braking system is used in this car. Whenever the acceleration pedal is released while driving. At that time, this system becomes active and helps in charging the battery. There are four main parts in an electric car, battery, induction motor, and inverter is also used in it. Which controls the speed of the vehicle. This is a main part of the electric car. Along with this, three phase induction motor A.C. is also used in it.


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How do electric cars work

You all know very well that power is required to run a vehicle. And we usually get that power from the engine installed in the vehicle. The power which we use to rotate the wheels of the vehicle. But this does not happen in an electric car. In this, a battery is used to give power to the vehicle and this battery is very heavy in weight. This battery is fitted equally in the chassis of the car. The chassis of an electric car is made with great care. Let’s know 



main part of the electric car –

Battery – In an electric car, the battery is used to run the car. These batteries are made of Lithium Ion. This is a normal Lithium Ion battery. Which are commonly used everywhere. In an electric car, many cells are connected in a series. An internal tube emerges from many cells. in which the coolant resides. Due to this, the temperature of the battery is controlled. And the battery can work properly even when it is hot. In an electric car, the battery is placed under the car. Due to this, the car gets stability.

Inverter –

Let us know what is the work of an inverter in an electric car. It is also called the brain of the electric car. The inverter converts the DC current from the battery into an AC current. And transmits this power to the induction motor. Also, the inverter stores the power of the battery. And transmits to the induction motor according to the speed. Because the inverter controls the AC power. Whenever the speed of the vehicle is increased or decreased. So the frequency is also made more or less.


Induction Motor –

The induction motor was invented by Nikola Tesla. An induction motor generally consists of two parts. They are the stator and rotor, in this, the stator is given AC input in 3 phases. this leads to. That the rotating, magnetic, field is generated in the coil. Which rotates the conducting bar of the rotor. Due to which electricity is generated. The frequency of the induction motor mainly depends on the frequency of AC power.


Is a gearbox used in an electric car?

In an electric car, a gearbox is used in the car to transmit power from the induction motor to the wheels. The motor is connected to the gearbox. And only two gears are used in this. Drive gear and reverse gear Reverse and drive can be done by shifting the gear lever. In this, the main function of the gearbox is to generate most of the torque so that more power can be obtained, in a differential used between the gearbox and the wheels.


Does an electric car have an engine?

In an electric car, an induction motor is used instead of an engine. Which takes power from the battery through the inverter. And the power reaches the wheels through the gearbox.



Types of electric cars

An electric car can be divided into two parts. Which are the following –

Battery Electric Vehicle

It is also known as BEV. These types of vehicles are charged through an external plug. No other type of fuel is used in these. They only depend on the battery.


Hybrid Electric Vehicle –

These types of vehicles are also known as HEV. In these, an internal combustion engine is also used along with an induction motor. If in any case, the battery power runs out. Then in that time, the engine starts with fuel. In this, the power does not go directly from the engine to the motor. For that, a generator is used in it. when the engine starts. So the power generator charges the battery. And the power goes to the motor through the battery.

charge electric car



How long does it take to do?

An electric car can take about 7 to 8 hours to charge. Whereas from fast charging port it may take around 1 to 2 hours.


advantages of electric cars

These cars are environmentally beneficial. Because there is no pollution in it. Because fossil fuel is not used in it, instead of it a battery is used.


Disadvantages of Electric Cars

You all know very well that electric car is mostly not at the present time. And their charging stations are also fewer. Due to this, there may be a problem with charging. And not even true for most distances. Because their charging stations are very less. Due to this, there may be a problem in finding the station.


what have you learned?

In this post, you came to know what is an electric car. And how does it work? If you like this post then share it with other people also and send us your suggestion in the comment box and follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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