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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, in this post we will know what is a distributor. And how does it work?

In this post, we will try to know in detail about the distributor, so without delay, let us know what a distributor is and what is its use in a vehicle.





What is a distributor?

The distributor is a type of mechanism. Which is used in vehicles. It works on an electronic method. As it seems from its name itself.

Distributing is an important part of the ignition system. It is often used in petrol engines. It gives current to all the spark plugs in the engine as per the requirement.

Due to which current is generated in the spark plug. In a multi-cylinder engine, the high-tension current from the ignition coil is distributed to all the spark plugs according to the firing order of the cylinders.

C.B. point is also used in this. Which breaks and connects the primary circuit. And also help in making high-tension current.


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What is the structure of the distributor?

There are many parts used in a distributor. The body of the distributor remains closed. And a cap is used from above. And on this cap, the lead of the high-tension current of a spark plug is added.

In this, lobe cam is used according to the number of cylinders above. And below a gear is used. And there is a shaft in the middle.

The gear on the bottom drives the distributor via a camshaft. Also, a groove is cut on the distributor shaft. In which the shaft of the oil pump gets stuck and drives the pump as well.

In some cases, on the contrary, the small gear is mounted on the shaft of the oil pump. And the end of the shaft of the distributor is shaped like a screwdriver.

The oil gets trapped in the groove on the shaft of the pump and drives the distributor through the pump. Along with this, a rotor above one is also used in the distributor.

 on the inside of the body, C.B. points and condensers are installed which are related to each other. governor weights are also placed at the bottom of the distributor. And the insulated terminal is also provided for low-tension connection on the distributor body.





What is C.B.’s point?

C.B. is the full name of the point. Contact Breaker Point This is an important part of any distributor. It is usually made in two parts. One part has a spring leaf attached to it.

And or is dynamic. And one part remains fixed with the base. A piece of fiber or backlight is attached to the other side of the distributor. The distance between the two points is kept short.

When the distributor shaft rotates the cam rotates. So the pressure of the cam lobe is exerted on the moving part. This point is pressed against the tension of the spring. 

And it breaks the primary circuit. And vice versa as the pressure is removed from the cam lobe. The points are recovered due to the spring. As long as the engine is running. This action also continues. And the primary circuit keeps on creating high tension current by breaking and connecting.





what is the distributor cap?

Do you all know What is distributor cap? Let us know what is distributor cap. A distributor has a cap on the top.

Which is made of Bakelite and copper segments are attached to its inner edge. And their number is equal to the number of cylinders.

A high-tension lead is fitted on the top side. And carbon is also attached from the inside. It is usually related to the rotor. The cap is held in place with the body with the help of two clips.

This cap works for a long time. Sometimes it crackles due to some fault. this high tension current starts making sense. Due to this, the segments become short. the current does not reach the spark plugs properly. For which it becomes necessary to change it.





What should be the C.B. point gap?

Some gap is kept in C.B. point in a distributor. And this gap is kept according to the make of the vehicle. It is measured by means of a filler gauge.

It ranges from about 0.37 to 0.52. If this gap is less. So there is a danger of burning of C.B point. Due to which there is fire missing in the engine. And if this gap becomes more.

So in that situation, the high-tension current is generated for a very short time. And the correct spark is not obtained. Or high tension current is not generated at all.

At the time of keeping the gap, it should be checked properly and both the points should remain clean and both the points should remain in front of each other, otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling the point.




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