difference between two stroke and four stroke

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is the difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. difference between two So let’s know some differences between them

difference between two stroke and four stroke


difference between two stroke and four stroke engine

1. Two stroke engine has less power output. Because it has two actions in one stroke of the piston, intake, and exhaust. Due to this the burnt gases and the mixture coming in the intake get mixed. thereby reducing the power output

A 4-stroke engine has more power output. Because in this, the mixture of air and fuel that came at the time of intake stroke and the entire burnt mixture at the time of exhaust goes out together.

In a two-stroke engine, the camshaft is used in the engine to open the valves. And there is no camshaft in a two-stroke engine. It has ports that are opened by the piston moving up and down in the cylinder. and are closed.

4 stroke engine consists of an engine and oil chamber and pumps for lubrication. But in a two-stroke engine, mobile oil is mixed in petrol itself. The essential parts of the engine are lubricated as soon as they reach the cylinder.

In a four-stroke engine, engine valves are used to introduce the fresh mixture into the cylinder and to remove the exhaust gases from the cylinder. And there are no valves in two-stroke engines. For these purposes, ports are made on the walls of the cylinder.

In a 4 stroke engine, one cycle is completed in four revolutions of a piston. And in a two-stroke engine, these four tasks are completed in only two strokes of the piston.





2-stroke engine mileage

In a two-stroke engine, due to two actions in one stroke of the posts, the combustion of the fuel is sometimes not known to be correct and complete. Due to this, the mileage decreases.

Fuel consumption is less in 4-stroke engines. Whatever fuel enters the engine’s cylinder. He burns everything in a very good way. And combustion is complete. Hence fuel consumption is less in 4 strokes. And mileage is good.


engine build

There are fewer parts in a 2-stroke engine than in a 4-stroke engine. And its texture is also simpler than four-stroke. And also smaller in size than four-stroke.

The structure of a 4 stroke engine is complex because it has many small and large parts attached to it. And they are also bigger in size than two-stroke



Fewer parts are used in 2-stroke engines as compared to 4-stroke. Often they are also less in weight. And they are smaller. Due to the design of these engines, their mechanical efficiency is better.

Additional parts are used in 4 stroke engines. They are much heavier in weight than four strokes, in which many components are used to transmit power from the engine to the drive wheel. Due to this, the mechanical efficiency decreases.



cooling system

Air cooling system is mostly used in 2-stroke engines. Due to this, they heat up faster than four-stroke

Whereas many types of cooling systems are used in 4 stroke engines. Like – as liquid cooling, air cooling, and oil cooling, due to which they heat up late as compared to a two-stroke. And they are better than two-stroke as compared to cooling.



When a 2 stroke engine is running, the engine heats up faster than a four-stroke engine. Mostly air cooling system is used in this. Its cooling is slightly less than that of a four-stroke.

There are many types of cooling systems used in four-stroke engines. And the lubrication system is also good. So that the engine does not heat up quickly while the engine is running



There is more need for lubrication in 2 stroke engine. And the level of engine oil also decreases quickly as compared to 4-stroke.

Lubrication is better in 4 stroke engine. And the level of engine oil also decreases over a long time.


engine wear

In a 2 stroke engine, due to the engine, the wear of the parts is a little faster than in a four-stroke. Due to this, the life of the parts is slightly reduced. As a result, the need for the replacement of parts becomes more frequent.

The lubrication system is better in 4 stroke engine. Due to this the wear of parts is reduced when the engine is running. And the life of the parts is also longer.



Two-stroke engines have fewer parts than four-stroke engines and are also smaller in design and often cost less to maintain.

Due to the complex design of the four-stroke engine and a large number of parts used, its maintenance cost is high.



In a 2 stroke engine, more torque (power) is obtained when the crankshaft is rotating at a higher speed.

In 4 stroke engine, the crankshaft is rotating at low speed. At that time more torque (power) is available.

2-stroke engine vehicles are cheap while 4-stroke engine vehicles are expensive

Engine noise is more in 2 stroke engine. While engine noise is less in 4 stroke engine.

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