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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is the cooling system in the engine. why is it needed in vehicles?  how does it work? And how many types are there? So let’s know about it without delay

Cooling System

what is the cooling system

As you all know very well that fuel burns in the combustion of the engine. Due to this the temperature of the engine increases. And it ranges from about 22000c to 25000c. And due to this temperature, the engine and its parts become very hot. Therefore, to reduce the temperature of the engine and to keep the engine at operating temperature, a cooling system is used in the engine. Which controls the temperature of the engine. And maintains the engine at an operating temperature. to keep the engine running

cooling system required

HEAT ENGINE is used in vehicles. And now you know that power is obtained by burning fuel in the cylinder of the engine. In this, a lot of heat increases at the time of firing under the engine cycle. Due to this the parts like the piston, cylinder and combustion chamber in the engine also get heated. And their volume increases. Due to this, all the parts are not able to run smoothly. And sometimes they get stuck at their own place. Therefore it is necessary to control the temperature of the engine. That is why a cooling system is required in the engine.

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cooling system function

The main function of the cooling system is in an engine. Controlling the temperature and maintaining it at operating temperature. Because an engine should neither be too hot nor too cold to work, if the engine does not have a cooling system, then the engine overheats. Which can cause a lot of damage.

Engine parts such as cylinders, valves, and pistons, expand due to extreme temperatures. And their texture can also change. Due to this, they can become crooked. And due to the increase in their volume, these seizures happen. Also, overheating in the engine can burn engine valves. And also problems like detonation, pre-ignition, knocking, etc. arise. Due to the increase in temperature, the lubricating oil in the engine also becomes thinner. And due to increased friction between the moving parts of the engine, they wear out quickly. And this also affects the efficiency and fuel of the engine.

What are the types of cooling systems?

In the cooling system, the heat of the engine is released to the outside environment by means of a cooling media. These cooling media are air and water, on this basis, there are two types of cooling systems.

1. air cooling systems

2 . water cooling system

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