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Hello friends, welcome to another new post, in this post we will know what is brake system is and how it works. And how many types are there, so let’s know what is brake,Brake | Types so let’s know in detail

Brake | Types


Brake System

Friends, the system which is used in automobiles to stop the moving vehicle. It is called a brake system. Because the motor vehicle is driven and stopped according to the need.

Apart from this, stabilizing the vehicle at a certain speed according to its capability depends on its braking system. Suppose the motor vehicle is running at high speed.

So while stopping the vehicle, brakes should be applied at the least distance so that there is no accident, neither to the vehicle nor to the people walking on the road, for which the use of a good brake system in the vehicle is very important.

But just a good braking system is not enough. Because wheels also have a main role in this. If the wheels are worn, it also affects the braking system. Due to this, the brakes do not apply properly. So let us know what should be the characteristics of a good brake system.

The least amount of power has to be applied while braking a car so that the car can stop at a certain distance.
A motor vehicle has to pass through many types of routes. Like unpaved roads, paved roads, marshy places as well as sunshine or rain in any weather, brakes should be applied properly in every situation.
Brake systems are usually attached to the wheels, so wheel alignment should not be a problem when applying brakes.
For some reason, if there is a problem in the braking of one wheel, then it should not affect the other wheels and also the car should not run away while applying the brakes.


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Types of Brake | Types


1. Mechanical brake

In a mechanical brake system, the power of leverage is used to give power to the brake’s shoe, this is an internal expanding brake system. In which cables and cams are used. Whenever pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the cam rotates with the help of cables and links. Which also puts pressure on the brake’s shoe. As a result, the brakes shoe grips the brakes drum on the outside. And stops them by slowing down their speed. There is a lining of fiber and asbestos on the brake’s shoe, due to which they grip the drum quickly. The drums stop rotating. Conversely, if the pressure is released from the brake pedal. So the brakes shoe, return spring and cam are back in place

Pressing the brake pedal applies brakes to all the wheels simultaneously and the vehicle stops. In this system, if there is a fault in any wheel due to any reason, then it does not affect the other wheels.

This brake system is also called a non compensating brake. The reason for this is that the wheels are given leverage power from a separate link through a pedal. Let us know which parts are used in the mechanical brake system.

brake pedal

brake shoe


brake drum

 return spring

cam, link, or rod





2 . Foot brake system

In the foot brake system, the foot brake is used to stop the vehicle. In this, the brake pedal is placed under the right foot. And the pedal is linked to the brake assembly near the wheels. In which brake shoes are installed. Whenever the brake pedal is pressed, the brake shoe expands and grips the drum and the speed of the drum slows down to a stop.


3. Hand brake

The hand brake is used when the motor vehicle is at a standstill. As a result, if the motor vehicle is at any place in a stable state, it does not shake. and remains stable. This brake is located next to the driving seat and a hand lever is used in it. And it is applied by pulling the lever by hand. That is why it is called hand brake. It is connected to the brake shoe through a cable. Whenever the brake lever is pulled. The brake shoe expands and jams the drum and the vehicle remains stationary in one place. until the lever is brought back to its position.


We can also know some other breaks in this way

hydraulic brake system
vacuum brake system
power brake system
electric brake


Break application process

Due to the changing technology, there is a lot of change in the speed of vehicles. The speed of today’s vehicles is very fast. To stop such vehicles, it is necessary to have good brakes. when the car is running.

So when the speed increases, the energy also increases. And it takes a lot of power to stop it. And the vehicle has to be stopped at a certain distance. So some things have to be taken care of. which are the following

Taking care of the friction between the road and the wheel in the braking system

wheel size

height from the road surface

Brake drum diameter Pressure of brakes shoe lining on a brakes drum




In the next post, we will learn about the hydraulic brake system


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