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Automotive  Engineering

Automotive Engineering

There will be many questions in your mind like what is an automobile engineer. what works. And how to become an automobile engineer. And how much salary does an automobile engineer get? All your questions will be answered in this post. Would love to know about vehicles too. How does the car mechanism work for you? And if you want to know about all these. Then you are at the right place. Hello, friends, and welcome to all of you who have come here in another post to know what is Automotive Engineering. And how to become an automobile engineer Hope we will give you the proper information do you know what is automotive engineering? How big is its area? And what are the job options in it? And knowing about all these in detail what will be the growth of automotive engineering in the future, then let’s know what is automotive engineering.

what is automotive engineering?

In simple words, automotive engineering. Mechanical engineering is a branch. Under which all types of vehicles are studied and all types of vehicles are taught in detail in automobile engineering. First, know what is Automotive. Automotive means vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, etc. which make their own power and then use that power to travel from one place to another. An automotive engineer manufactures a vehicle. All kinds of vehicles you see. All of them are manufactured by automobile engineers. Automotive engineering is an expanding field. There is an expansion of automobiles in every corner of the world. Its expansion will increase in the coming times as well, mainly automobile engineering technology is operated by automotive engineers. Now you must have understood what is automobile engineering, automobile engineers have worked in many ways to make vehicles. At present, there is a lot of demand for automobile engineers in the market, and it is going to increase in the future as well. Automobile engineering is a better career, if we know about it in detail, then let us know. How do Automotive Engineers work?

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Types of Automotive Engineers

Automobile engineers work in many departments in the automobile sector, some of which are as follows:

design engineer

production engineer

development engineer

manufacturing engineer


Automotive Engineers

An automobile engineer is an automobile engineer, in automobiles, automobile engineers do the construction and design of vehicles, as well as the testing of vehicles and all kinds of other tasks. Automotive engineers study in detail all types of machines and components related to automobiles.


What Do Automotive Engineers do

A question must be coming to your mind what do automobile engineers do and in which field do they work? So let’s know what works

An automobile engineer performs many tasks such as production, and testing, as well as doing many types of work like designing new vehicles and also in other places like government departments also automobile engineers work.


How To Become An Automotive Engineer

First of all, you need to have a mindset to become an automobile engineer. If you also like to know about vehicles. If you are passionate. You want to know how an automobile generates power. And how does he travel from one place to another by using that power? So you can go into the field of automobiles. How to become an Automobile Engineer. We will discuss it in detail, so let’s know. How to become an Automobile Engineer. To become an automobile engineer, you have to do a degree or diploma, let’s know a little better.

automotive engineering degrees

If you want to do a degree course in Automobile Engineering. So for your information, let us tell you that it is 4 years old. There are many governments and semi-government colleges in India which are famous for engineering. First of all, if you want to do a degree in automobile. So in 12th PCM means Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, and it is necessary to have the subject. And should have good knowledge of maths and physics. After this, the entrance exam of jee mains has to be given. Selection is done according to the ranking in the result of the entrance exam, after which you can take admitted to BTech or BE.

Ph.D. in automobile engineering

If you want to know Automobile Engineering better then you can join the Ph.D. program in Automobile Engineering. The duration of this course ranges from 2 years to 5 years. This is a doctorate degree. And have a master’s degree. Admission in this also on the basis of the entrance exam  Happens on the Understand automobile better.

eligibility criteria for Ph.D. in Automobile Engineering

Firstly the candidate should have post-graduate or m Phil degree in subjects related to automobile engineering.
To take admission to Ph.D. in Automobile, it is very important for the candidate to get at least 55% marks in the master’s degree.

admission process in Ph.D. mechanical engineering(automobile engineering)

To take admission to the Ph.D. program you have to go through the following procedures which are as follows

We are going to talk about what is the process for taking admission to top colleges in India.

1 registration – Every year top universities conduct entrance exams in India. For this, to which university do you have to take admitted? Fill out your application form by visiting its official website and submit it by filling in the information correctly.

2 entrance exam- After some time of registration, admit cards related to the exam are issued. After that, there is an exam. And more result is released. A good ranking gets admission to top colleges

interview-After passing the interview in the entrance exam, the interview is done by the colleges, and admission is given after passing the interview.

diploma in automotive engineering

It is a branch of Automobile Engineering. Under this, the study of vehicle construction and design is done. This diploma course is of 3 years duration. If you want to do a diploma in automobile engineering. So for that, you must have a minimum of 10th (Maths and Science subjects). And at the same time, an entrance exam has to be given, then admissions are given on the basis of ranking. After doing a diploma in automobile engineering, there are many job opportunities available to the diploma holder.


certificate in automobile engineering

In addition to the degree and diploma, a 2-year vocational course in automobile engineering is conducted through iti (industrial training institute). Two types of certificates are given in this. One national and the other state level in which the selection at the state level is done on the basis of merit. And the selection in the national-level certification course is based on the entrance exam.

eligibility creatrea for the certificate in Automobile Engineering

In order to do the certification course from the Industrial Training Institute, the candidate must have passed 10th with Mathematics and Science from any recognized board. And it is necessary to get a good ranking in the entrance exam.


automobile engineering entrance exam

JEE Mains- This exam is conducted by CBSE twice a year at the national level. Some time ago JEE is divided into two parts, JEE MAINS, and JEE ADVANCED.
GATE – GATE whose full name is Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering. The main objective of this exam is from a master’s degree in different subjects of engineering. There is also an entrance exam in this
jee advanced- This is an entrance exam for taking admission in famous colleges of India like IITs. For this, it is necessary to clear JEE MAINS exam first. This is the toughest exam in the country and it is conducted by IIT COUNCIL.

Apart from these, there are some other entrance exams which are as follows




automotive engineering universities

Let us now talk about the top colleges of India which provide Ph.D., Degree, Diploma, and Certificate courses in Automobile Engineering which are as follows

IIT Madras – Indian Institute of Technology (copy)

PSG Tech Coimbatore – PSG College of Technology
Presidency University, Bangalore
Popular Private Engineering Colleges
Reva Institute of Technology and Management
University Institute of Engineering, Chandigarh

UNIPUNE (Pune University) – Savitribai Phule Pune University

AISSMS COE Pune – AISSMS College of Engineering

JSS Science and Technology University, Mysore
MSRUAS Bangalore – MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences
The Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore
KLS GIT Belagavi – KLS Gogte Institute of Technology
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi


RIT Sangli – KE Society’s Rajarambapu Institute of Technology
MCKV Institute of Engineering, Howrah
Presidency University, Bangalore
SRM University Chennai – SRM Institute of Science and Technology

BM Group of Institutions, Gurgaon
Indrashil University, Kadi

Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore

GEC Barton Hill – Government Engineering College Barton Hill
Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Virudhunagar
Manipal University (MAHE) – Manipal Academy of Higher Education
NIT Agartala – National Institute of Technology
VIT Vellore – Vellore Institute of Technology
COEP Pune – College of Engineering
East Point College of Engineering and Technol

BITS Pilani – Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science, Indore
FISAT Ernakulam – Federal Institute of Science and Technology
PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore
MIET Kumaon, Haldwani


Automotive Engineering Fee Structure

Let’s talk about how much fee is required to do automobile engineering which is as follows

degree- it takes approx 5 to 10 lakhs to do a degree in automobile engineering

Diploma- It takes a fee of about 20 thousand to 70 thousand to do a diploma.

Certificate- It takes around 5 to 20 thousand to do a certification course




automotive engineering subjects

Let us know what syllabus is taught in Automobile Engineering

Technical English
Engineering Physics
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Graphics
Composite Materials
Vehicle Dynamics
Basic Electrical and electronics engineering

Fundamentals of Computing and Programming

engineering mechanics
Automotive Transmission
Statistics and Numerical Methods
Engineering Thermodynamics
Engineering Metals and Metallurgy
Environmental Science and Engineering
Principles of Management
Automotive Pollution and Control

Automotive Chassis

Marketing Management
Automotive Safety

Production Technology

Automotive Engines

automotive engineering jobs

After doing Automotive Engineering, there are many job opportunities for an Automotive Engineer. One can work in the posts of Automobile Engineer, Automobile Engineering, Design Engineering, Sales Officer, and in addition Automobile Designer, Driver Instrumentation Engineer, Driver Instrumentation Engineer, Research and Development Engineer, Purchase Manager, or Diesel Mechanic. For which good salary is given. An automobile engineer can work in the government and private sector


automotive engineering salary

If we talk about sales, then let us tell you that automobile engineer gets a good salary package. And apart from this it also depends on the skill of the person. The better the skill, the more the demand will increase and the salary package will also be good. If there is a need to become a good engineer and also to learn new skills, which will improve the knowledge and progress well, now let’s talk about an automobile engineer getting a salary package of annum on average 5 to 10 lakhs. Apart from this, it depends on the skill. If you continuously learn new and updated skills then you can get the best salary package




top recruiting automobile company in India

Let us know which companies in India have more job opportunities in automobile engineering, and the salary package is also good, the following are some companies that are top in the automobile sector. And here job options are more

Mahindra & Mahindra

Tata Motors

Hero MotoCorp India

Bajaj Auto Limited India

Ashok Leyland Chennai

General Motors India

Honda Motors

Maruti Suzuki

Hyundai Motors

TVS Motors

future of automotive engineering

As you all know. That is everyone’s dream. Due to the ever-increasing population and buying a car, the growth of the automotive industry will increase tremendously in the next few years. And to run the automobile industry, an automotive engineer is required. So the future of automobiles is very good. You just need To become a good engineer and improve your career in automobile engineering, let us tell you that the future coming in automobiles is that of electric vehicles. If you dedicate yourself to the field of its automobile. And work on the upcoming new technology. and learn. So you can make a good career in the field of automobile.


where automotive engineer work

An automotive engineer can work in many sectors. Like the automobile industry, service centers, and government departments and you can do your startup. After doing automobile engineering, a person has a lot of job opportunities. In the automobile sector, one can do work like production, and manufacturing designing, for which a good pay scale is given.


automotive industries

The automotive industry is growing steadily. At present, there are many automobile industries growing rapidly in India. In which the demand for automobile engineering is also increasing rapidly. And will grow more in the coming time, below are some automobile industries that are growing rapidly and working on new technology.

Tata Motors
Mahindra & Mahindra
Hero MotoCorp
Bajaj Auto Limited
Ashok Leyland
Maruti Suzuki
Hyundai India
General Motors India
Honda Motor Company
TVS Motor Company
Endurance Technologies Limited
Maharashtra Scooters Limited
Atul Auto Limited
Scooters India Limited
Majestic Auto Limited
Hindustan Motors Limited
Eicher Motors Limited
Force Motors Limited
SML Isuzu Limited
Escorts Limited
HMT Limited
VST Tillers Tractors Limited
Swaraj Automotives Limited
Bosch Limited
Motherson Sumi Systems Limited
Exide Industries Limited
WABCO India Limited
Amara Raja Batteries Limited
Minda Industries Limited
Federal-Mogul Goetze Limited
Suprajit Engineering Limited
Minda Corporation Limited
JTEKT India Limited
Jamna Auto Industries Limited
Wheels India Limited
Sandhar Technologies Limited
Subros Limited
Gabriel India Limited
Rane Holdings Limited
Steel Strips Wheels Limited
Lumax Industries Limited
LG Balakrishnan and Brothers Limited
JBM Auto Limited
Banco Products India Limited
Shanthi Gears Limited
Rico Auto Limited
Lumax Auto Technologies Limited
Munjal Showa Limited
Precision Camshafts Limited
GNA Axles Limited
Rane Brake Linings Limited
Munjal Auto Industries Limited


skill for automobile engineering

Automobile engineering requires a lot of skills, some of which are as follows

An automobile engineer must be artistic and creative.

Automobile Engineer should organize and manage time

Work in the field as a team work so that the skill can be improved even more, as well as an automobile engineer, Should have better technical knowledge. And also stay updated about new technology
An automobile engineer must be an effective planner. and have a systematic plan to work together with the team
Must be able to work under pressure. Because sometimes there are many problems in the matter of technology. And in fixing them, the problem may be faced, the problem should be solved.
Must have good communication skills. To work in any sector, it is necessary to have good communication skills. Must be able to connect with other workers
An automobile engineer must have analytical skills. Must be able to explain his work properly
Also, an automobile engineer should have knowledge of electrical systems. Because in the present time the technology of electric vehicles is increasing in the automobile.
Automobile engineers should have good knowledge of Mathematics and Physics subject. Because maths and physics are used a lot in automobiles


Is automotive engineering a good career?

Automobile engineering can be a good carrier. But it is needed. To study well and become a good engineer. Whether it is a matter of sales or a good job, automobile engineering is a better one. The automobile sector is continuously growing rapidly in the future. You know all too well. That in today’s time everyone wants to buy a vehicle. Due to this, the demand for automobiles is continuously increasing in the market. Due to this, the growth of the automobile sector is increasing rapidly. And the demand for automobile engineers is also increasing. So you can come up with your own idea. whether automobile engineering is a good carrier


Automobile Engineering FAQS


what is automobile engineering?

Automobile engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering. Which, In addition to automobile-related such as manufacturing, testing, and production engineering, many other machine components are studied. It includes degrees, diplomas, and certification courses.


What does an automobile engineer do?

An automobile engineer does a variety of jobs. Such production managers, design engineers, production engineers, development engineers, and manufacturing engineers do many types of work. An automotive engineer can work in automotive industries, service centers, and government departments like many other locations.


Which field is best in Automobile Engineering?

All the fields of engineering are the best. You just need To be a good engineer and constantly learn about new technology. As well as learning new skills so that progress can be made in any field, you can work in many units of automobile engineering like manufacturing engineer, production engineering, etc.

what is automobile engineering salary?

An automobile engineer gets a salary of up to an annum of about 5 to 10 lakhs at the start. And if you constantly learn updated skills. So you can increase your salary because the better you improve your skills, the better results you will get and your value will increase in the automobile sector, due to which your seller will also continue to improve.



dose automotive engineering is a good choice

Automobile engineering is a fast-growing sector. And with the use of changing new and updated technology in the present time, the automobile sector is growing very well. And the scope of automobile engineering is better in the present time and will be better in the future also. But if you are passionate about automobiles then automotive engineering is a good career. Because its growth is increasing continuously. This job opportunity is also good

Does Automobile Engineering good for the future?

The automobile sector is continuously growing day by day. And the demand for Automobile Engineering is increasing continuously in the market. And in the coming future, good growth of the automobile sector is going to be good. Along with this, the demand for automobile engineers is also going to increase. So the future of automobile engineer is very good




what have you learned?

In this post, you learned what is Automobile Engineering. What do Automobile Engineers do? What is the career of an automobile engineer? What are the job opportunities after doing Automobile Engineering? Hope you have got answers to all your questions from this post and also you have got a piece of good information about automobile engineering from this post. How did you like this post, send your suggestions to us, and if you have any doubts related to automobile engineering in your mind. So you can ask in the comment box. We will solve your questions. If you like this post then share it with others and do follow us on social media.

Thank you

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