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Automotive Battery

Automotive Battery

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, in this post we will know what automotive battery used in vehicles. How does it work? And what are their types? Without delay, let us know what is battery used in vehicles. And how it works, so let’s know what is the battery of the vehicle.


What is a vehicle battery?

What is a car battery? As you all know that current is required in vehicles for tasks like rotating headlights and self-starters. For which batteries are used in vehicles.

Because you all know very well. That the battery is an important part of the electricity system. Lead acid batteries are used in vehicles. There is a characteristic of this type of battery.

That it can be charged and discharged repeatedly. Due to which electric carrying force is generated in it. And the internal resistance is less.


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What is a lead acid battery?

Let us know what is the lead acid battery. A lead acid battery, the battery is made by using more than one cell in a series. In this type of system, there is no power generation of any kind.

It receives the power generated from the dynamo and alternator used in the vehicles and stores it. At times electricity is also stored by the charger. Due to this, it is also known as storage.

This type of battery stores the power back after spending the stored power. And other dry cells are useless once they have given or spent their power.

Power is stored in the vehicle battery in the form of chemical power. And this chemical power is used in the form of electric power. And the circuit is used to convert this type of chemical power into electric power.

So you must have understood what is a lead acid battery. And how does it work? So let us now know what are the main parts of a battery. And what is the structure of the battery?




What is the structure of an automotive battery?

Let us know what the structure of the car battery is. And what are the main parts used in it? A car battery is in the shape of a rectangular box.

Columns are made for different cells in this box. The cells are used in a battery. Each cell in them is two volts. Thus the number of volts in a battery.

The number of cells is half that. And a separate column is used for each cell. Along with this, each cell has positive and negative plates. These plates are different from each other.

And to keep them separate, a separator is used in them. The positive and negative plates are connected by separate connectors. And terminals are attached above the connector of each cell.

These are used after sealing the cells with battery compound and covering and connecting the cell connectors in series, meaning one cell is negative and one is positive.

In which the first and last cells are negative in one and the positive cells in one are exited from the terminal battery. They are also known as terminal posts. A hole remains in the battery. In which electrolyte is filled in each cell. And vant points are attached to them.




What is an electrolyte?

The plates used in a battery are immersed in sulfuric acid in their cell box. The density of this liquid ranges from about 1.253 to 1.281.

This liquid can also be made. Ready-made is also available. Pure sulfur distilled water acid is used to make it. It should be made in ceramic, glass, and plastic vessels, but it is important to keep one thing in mind.

Let’s put the acid in water otherwise if the acid should be put in water. If water is added to acid, its splashes can cause harm to the body. This liquid should be filled up to about 16 mm from the plates of the battery.





what is separator

Separators are used in a battery to prevent the positive and negative plates from colliding with each other and shorting. Items like plastic, wood, and glass fiber are used to make them.




What is a positive and negative plate?

Batteries like 6V and 8V are used in motor vehicles. In these, the number of cells is half according to the voltage. Negative and positive plates are used in these cells.

These plates are made of lead. Which are somewhat square and mesh in appearance. In these, lead peroxide is filled on the positive plates. They are brown in appearance.

The negative plates are filled with antimony. Its color is grey. The power of the cell depends on the number and size of the plates used.

In each cell in the battery, a group of separate negative and positive plates is made and they are connected together. And separators are placed in between each plate. So that they do not short with each other, the negative plate is one more.




what is the main terminal post?

Each battery has two terminals on the first and last cell. which have a positive and a negative terminal

They are born. Electric current is carried to other places by connecting battery wire to these main terminal posts.

These terminals are made of lead. Whenever there are chemical reactions in the battery. At that time the wire of the battery terminal gets stuck on these terminals.




In this post, you came to know what is automotive battery. And what is its texture like? And how does it work? Hope you liked this post, how did you like this post, send us your suggestions in the comment box. And also share this post with others and follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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