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What is Automobile? Know What is Automobile in Hindi

WHAT IS AN AUTOMOBILE Hello friends welcome to all of you on this blog do you know about AUTOMOBILE? If not then you are at the right place.

So let’s know what is an automobile and how important is it in human life.



The automobile is generally made up of 2 words  Auto + Mobile

Auto means auto and mobile means vehicle or vehicle. In simple words, a vehicle or vehicle generates power automatically and moves from one place to another on the ground. And which is often used to transport passengers and goods from one place to another. Friends, by the way, there are many others who run automatically by generating power, such as airplanes, water ships, votes, and others.



But keep in mind that we are talking only about the information of automobiles or rather just vehicles or vehicles. So let’s get started. And know why it was needed in human life. And why is it important in human life? We will discuss this in detail 


history of automobile

Do you know the history of automobiles when the first vehicle or car was manufactured?

The world’s first car was built in the year 1776. Nicolas Joseph, a Frenchman, first invented a three-wheeled vehicle.

in 1805, another engineer, Oliver Aiwan, made a four-wheeled vehicle, then in 1880, German and French engineers designed the internal combustion engine, whose improved form is now visible.

After that, in 1885, a German engineer, Benz, once again created a three-wheeled self-propelled vehicle, in which internal combustion engines were used.

from 1886 to 1906, many engineers from countries like France, Germany, England, America, etc. tried a lot to develop motor vehicles and they got a lot of success, as we see today. This resulted in the creation of the Ford Peerless Kidillac and the very famous motor vehicles.

Friends, after that in 1909, Sir Henry Ford took the credit for making a complete motor vehicle and Ford Motor Company was established in his name, with a target of 20,000 per year.

And because of this, the credit for making vehicles world famous goes to Ford Motor Company. Friends, if we talk about India, then at this time vehicles were not manufactured here.

But in about 1943, Hindustan Motor Mumbai and the Premier Automobile Company Calcutta were given permission to make vehicles in India by the then government of that time.

After independence, special attention was paid to motor vehicle manufacturing and gradually this industry grew to become successful at present, many vehicles are manufactured in India.

Which are world famous like Tata Mercedes Bedford DCM Toyota Fiat Maruti Bajaj Gypsy Indica and many more vehicles which are world famous and famous in the motor industries of India.


So friends, the main credit for making the engine of the motor vehicle is given to a German scientist named Auto. And the word automobile was created in the name of this and friends’ automobile literally means self-propelled vehicle.

Friends, there are 3 types of main vehicles or vehicles running on the road by generating power automatically.

  1. Vehicles running on petrol or diesel.
  2. Steam-powered vehicles like  CNG. gasoline vehicles.
  3. Electric vehicles.

In today’s changing era, most self-propelled vehicles are run on petrol or diesel. And steam vehicles are now used only on railways. You would know that after the Second World War, due to the shortage of petrol, the number of steam vehicles was very high, but gradually their trend decreased. And in the present time, it has stopped.

Electric vehicles are also used mostly in the railway department now. Earlier in India, electric vehicles were used in Mumbai, Delhi, and many other cities. But due to the busy traffic at present, their use has stopped.



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In general, we can also know automobile vehicles in this way.

  • Goods Carrying Vehicles –   These types of vehicles are generally used for carrying heavy goods from one place to another. They are mainly used in public transport.

                                                Such as – truck delivery van, tanker, tractor, pick up etc.

  •  Passenger Vehicles – These types of vehicles are generally used to carry passengers from one place to another.

                                   Such as – Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Three Wheeler, Scooty Scooter etc.


Why is an automobile needed?

Friends, now the question is why vehicles are needed in human life.  So the biggest reason for this is to save time, and friends, when there were no vehicles in the world, then transportation was done on foot.  which had many problems

As seen, the biggest problem was carrying goods from one place to another.

Secondly, more energy was expended on walking and at the same time if there is an emergency or to reach on time. So that used to be very difficult, they say that necessity is the mother of invention, this proverb fits perfectly in the automobile sector because the main needs of human beings gave birth to automobiles, so it can be said that human transportation Automobiles were invented out of needs.

Because saving time is the main need of man. Especially in today’s busy era, the utility of time is very important. And in this context, the automobile is proving to be very useful. Through vehicles, we can easily travel from one place to another place in less time. And we can carry more goods in less time than the capacity of humans. So that minimum energy is spent on human beings. Along with this, time is also saved. So the automobile is very useful in human life, then you all must have understood what an automobile is.

what is the automobile industry?


The place where motor vehicles are manufactured is called the automobile industry. There are many automobile industries around the world in which small to large vehicles are manufactured. Some of these are as follows –

Some motor industries located in India

  1. Ashoka Lay – Land Leo – Chennai 
  2. Hindustan Motors Limited- Calcutta
  3. Premier Automobiles Ltd. – Mumbai
  4. Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. – Jamshedpur etc.

At present, India is the fourth largest automobile industry in the world. Presently there are about 48 automobile industries in India. There are about 12 two-wheeler and about 748 auto parts manufacturing companies. And it is believed to be so. that by 2026, India will become the third-largest automobile industry in the world.

some motor industries in the world

  1. Ford Motors – USA
  2. Automobile Piezot – France
  3. Rolls Royce Motors Ltd. – England

These are just some industries. There are many motor companies around the world in which vehicles are manufactured. These industries are growing rapidly at the present time.

So friends, how did you like the information related to automobiles, hope that you have found the information right, then send your suggestions to us in the comment box and share the information with others and definitely follow  us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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