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automatic transmission


What is an automatic transmission system?

The automatic transmission system is becoming the most used in the present time. Due to this the ease of driving the motor vehicle and the noise from the vehicle also reduced. This type of technology is used in trains in two ways

1. semi-automatic transmission

2 . Fully Automatic Transmission

Let’s get to know them a little better

Semi-Automatic Transmission –

In this type of transmission, only the clutch is automatic. But the gear driver has to shift. and does not require the clutch to be disengaged to shift gears and uses a torque converter and fuel flywheel


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What is a fluid flywheel or hydraulic clutch?

In place of the already existing solid and friction force, the use of fluid coupling or clutch is increasing in expensive vehicles today. In this type of clutch, hydraulic fluid is used to transmit engine power to the gearbox.

Due to this, they are called hydraulic clutches. Two cups are used in this. There is a driving member and another driven member in it. The driven member is fitted on the clutch shaft.

And both the members remain closed in the casing. And also a certain amount of hydraulic fluid is filled in this casing. Whenever the engine is running, the driving member attached to the flywheel rotates along with the flywheel.

A force is applied in the hydraulic fluid filled in front of this member, due to this force a rotational force i.e. solid force is generated in the hydraulic fluid, this force rotates the driven member mounted on the clutch shaft.

And the clutch shaft rotates and transmits the power of the engine to the gearbox and the speed of rotation of the clutch shaft by the driver member depends on the rotational force generated in the fluid i.e. when the engine runs.

So the driving member produces more rotational force in the hydraulic fluid. And at the ideal speed of the engine, no force is produced in the fluid. Also, the clutch shaft does not turn. And the connection between the engine and gearbox breaks.




Fully Automatic Transmission –

In this type of system, the system of gear shift with clutch is automatic. According to the speed of the vehicle, the gears are automatically shifted, for this, or AP Cyclic Planetary-type gearbox is used in this system.


What is a Planetary or AP Cyclic-type gearbox?

In today’s changing times, this type of gearbox is used in expensive vehicles in the automobile sector. Along with this, automatic transmission systems and fluid flywheels or hydraulic clutches are also used, meaning epicyclic. The smaller circle whose centre is on the circle of the larger circle. Thereby, there is neither the need to shift gears nor the need to lock and engage gears like in synchromesh and contact mesh. And the wear in the gears is also less. And noise is equal to zero. Along with this, the power coming from the engine is also less spent.


Epicyclic gearbox construction and parts

In this type of gearbox, housings are fitted according to the speed. But the set consists of a sun wheel and two or more planet wheels. Often these planets are associated with an annulus.

And in this, the teeth are cut from the inside. Along with this, a planet carrier is attached to the planet. Which is attached to the shaft of the planet with the help of bearings.

Due to this when the engine runs, the sun wheel starts rotating with the help of the engine shaft. And the planets which remain attached to the sun wheel also start rotating. And these planets rotate the annulus.

In this case, the planetary gear rotates in its place and the gearbox remains neutral. And when a gear has to be engaged. Then the annulus of that set is fixed by the brake band on which the inner and lagging are mounted.

is stopped. Due to this the planet gear which was rotating by the sun wheel starts moving in a full circle inside the annulus. And the power starts going to the differential etc. through the planet carrier.


Main parts of the epicyclic gearbox

Planet shaft
planet wheel
sun wheel
Planet Carrier
driving shaft
brake band


Advantages of epicyclic gearbox

This type of gearbox can be made in small size
In this type of gearbox, the gears are permanently mated. And with this dog clutch etc are also not used.
In this type of arrangement, it is easier to change gears. And for this action has to be done like a handbrake.
In this, different gear sets are used for each speed. which also increases the life of the gears



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