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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post. Today we will know what is ALTERNATOR. And how does it work? And how many types are there? So without delay, let us know in detail about the alternator.


What is an alternator?

You all must know that in present times the use of alternators is increasing. Earlier dynamo was used in vehicles. But in today’s era, due to the increasing number of vehicles, traffic is also increasing.

Due to this, a vehicle cannot be driven at high speed. An alternator which is an A.C generator. It makes A.C current instead of D.C current.

And by converting this current again into D.C., it charges the battery. Produces a fair amount of power even at the ideal speed of the engine in an automobile.

Its weight is less. There is no need to cut out a unit by its use. And it is also cheap in price.



Alternator working

An alternator has an armature magnet. Over which layers of insulated copper wire are wrapped. And the north pole of the magnet is on the top and the south pole is on the bottom.

Whenever the armature magnet is rotated. So in its half cycle, electric power is generated in the stars. Whose direction is on one side? After this, the position of the magnetic poles reverses.

During the forward half of the armature magnet’s current flows in the other direction. That is why it is called alternative current


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Alternator function

In an alternator, a rotor is fitted to the stator with the help of bearings. And this rotor rotates with the help of V belt through the crankshaft driving pulley.

The winding of copper insulated wire on the rotor is in the form of a coil. Which are connected to a separate slip ring. And with the help of two carbon bushes, the current of the battery reaches the coils of this rotor.

So electromagnet is generated in the armature. Due to this the North Pole and the South Pole are formed in it. The winding of copper insulated wire also remains on the stator in the form of a coil.

Whenever the magnet coils rotate in front of each stator, electricity starts to build up in it. This electrical power is in one. Six diodes are used in each alternator and there are three windings. In which two diodes are connected for each winding.


main parts of the alternator

An alternator consists of the following main parts

magnet pole
slip ring
carbon bush


Faults and Remedies Related to Alternator

The alternator is an electronic system. And from time to time there are some faults in it. And it is necessary to correct those faults so that it can work well and continue. We are going to talk about some faults related to the alternator. Which are the following –


The alternator does not generate current

Following are some of the possible reasons for this type of problem:

There is some fault in the ampere meter. Check the meter properly and rectify the fault.
Faulty charging circuit or blown fuse Check the charging circuit properly and rectify the fault
The fan belt is loose Check the fan belt and replaces it if necessary
The rotor winding is damaged Check the winding properly and replace it if necessary
The alternator regulator is not fitted correctly Check and fit the regulator


battery not charging

Alternator’s V belt is slipping or broken Check the belt properly and replace if necessary
There is some fault in the rectifier. Check the rectifier properly and remove the fault.


whining noise coming from the alternator

The diode and stator are damaged. Check them properly and replace the diode if needed and correct the wiring of the stator.
Pulley is loose Check the pulley and tightens the pulley
The foundation belt loosened Check and correct the foundation belt


excessive current is being drawn in the alternator

Alternator regulator connected at high rate Check regulator and adjust it correctly
C.B point of a regulator is sticking Check the C.B point and remove the short
Correct sense is not being generated in the regulator

less current is being drawn in the alternator

The alternator regulator is not connected correctly Check and connect the regulator correctly
Diodes are defective Check diodes and replace them if necessary
Loose or damaged charging circuit wiring

Check and correct the charging circuit
The fan belt is loose Check and corrects the fan belt


what is regulator

It is usually attached to the alternator. It has two sets of contact breaker points upper and lower. Whenever the voltage of the alternator exceeds a certain amount.

So its contact breaker points open. And due to this the resistance in the field circuit increases. And it stops the excess voltage. Lower points open and close in a vehicle at medium speed.

And they control the voltage of the alternator and the upper points open and close when the vehicle is at high speed. Due to this both the ends of the field winding get shorted to earth. and under voltage control


In this post, you came to know what is an alternator. And how does it work? And how is its texture? How did you like this post, send us your suggestions in the comment box and share this post with others and

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