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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is air cooling system. And how does it work? So let’s know. what is this air cooling system?

air cooling system


What is an air cooling system?

Air cooling system as the name suggests. This is one such system. Which is used to keep the engine cool. And in this, the air is used to keep the engine cool.

This type of cooling system is used in small vehicles. For example, this type of cooling system is used in motorcycles, scooters, etc. At the same time, this type of system is also used in four-stroke engines.

It is necessary to make all the cylinders separately for the use of this system in engines with more than one cylinder. All cannot be made as one block so this system is not used in multi-cylinder.

Whereas in some engines a special fan is used. Which removes the hot air from the engine and draws cool air. In these air is used as a medium. That’s why it is called an air cooling system, it is a simple solution. And also it does not require maintenance

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Design of Air Cooling System

In the engine air cooling system, many thin fans and tapers are made around the cylinder. These fans increase the area of ​​cold air that collects around the cylinder.

These wings are kept sharp from the edge. Due to this, the heat of the cylinder moves from the thick area toward its tip. These parts being thin, get cold as soon as they come in contact with the cold air. Due to this the heat of the engine is spread all around and is almost eliminated.

At the same time, some things depend on keeping the engine cool. like

What metal are the cylinders made of and how many diaphragm strokes are there? How much H.P. is the engine? And what is the temperature of combustion? How much air do Finns get? And what is their area?

It is necessary to take care that the ladder of the blower should not fall on the air fins and that the dust should not settle between the fins.


What are the benefits of an air-cooled engine?

These types of engines come to working condition soon.
These types of engines are used in cold places where water freezes. are also good for places like
There is no leakage rate in these engines. And for this reason, they do not require an anti-freeze chemical.
These engines can be made lighter. And they also require little to no maintenance.


Drawbacks of Air-Cooled Engines

The efficiency of these engines is less than that of other engines.
Also, the noise in these engines is more than in other engines.
In these engines, the cooling of the cylinders does not happen uniformly.


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