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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in another new post, today we will know what is air compressor and how it works. And how many types are there? So let’s know about it

air compressor


what is an air compressor?

What is an air compressor as the name suggests? The compresses the air. The pressure is increased by using a compressor. And its pressure is increased by reducing the volume. And that air is used for many things. It runs on electricity. And it draws air from the external environment. In general terms, is a mechanism that converts mechanical energy into pressure energy. It is used to increase the pressure of any gas. High pressure and flame pressure are obtained by the compressor.

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How Air Compressor Works

The compressor draws air from the outside environment. And then fills it with high pressure in the tank. And then it can be used as per requirement when the motor is switched on. So it starts spinning. And due to it being connected to the rotor fitted in the compressor through a belt, the impeller fitted in the rotor also starts rotating. Due to this suction is created. And it draws air.


Use of compressor

In automobiles, air compressors are used to fill the air in the tires of the vehicle. Also, it is used in many works. Like it is used in cleaning many things with high pressure as well as in many non-industrial areas.


Air Compressor Structure

An air tank is used in the compressor. On which a compressor and a motor are attached. The motor and compressor are connected to each other by means of a belt. An outlet passage is made in the compressor. And there is an inlet passage. Along with this, a discharge pipe is also attached to it. This is where the pressure gauge is used. And an emergency outlet port is used in the air tank



Types of Air Compressors

1. dynamic type

2 . Positive Displacement Type – There are also two types

of centrifugal-type axle compressor

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