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Air brakes


What is An Air brakes

Do you know that the braking system is the main part of the vehicle? And it is very important to have good brakes in a vehicle. Several types of brakes are used in automobiles. One of which is the air brake. In this system, clean air pressure is used for braking.

It applies brakes very quickly and efficiently and the driver has to use brute force to press the brake pedal. Let us now know about the main parts of the air brake.

main part
air compressor
air cleaner
brake chamber
safety valve
pressure gauge
Flexible Rubber Hose Pipe
brake valve
relay valve
stop light switch

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How does an air brake work?

Let us know how ABS works whenever the engine starts. Then the compressed air is filled in the reservoir by the air compressor. Whenever the driver has to apply the brakes.

So the brake valve has to be pressed. Which stays in place of the brake pedal. When the brake valve is depressed when the brakes are applied. So the air filled in the reservoir expands the brake shoe by going to all four brake chambers through the relay valve.

Due to this, the brake drum gets jammed by the brake shoe. And the car stops.

And when the driver removes the foot from the brake valve. So the air is released through the release valve. And the air pressure ends. And the brake shoes come back to the same place through the return spring.

In this way, the brakes are released from the wheels of the vehicle. And the vehicle is ready to start again.

The air used in the air brake system. That air is also used in many other places. For example, it is used to run the wipers of the vehicle and also in the horn of the vehicle.

And along with it many times it is also used to fill the air in the wheels. In this type of system, there is a need for lubrication in the compressor.

The compressor is connected to the main gallery of the engine. Along with this, some compressors’ main water cooling system is also mostly used. Which water comes from the radiator.

And after cooling, it goes back to the inlet main of the engine water. Also, the cost of air brake system man maintenance is also very less.


How is the air brake system made?

An air compressor is used in this type of braking system. Which runs through gear with the help of the engine. This compressor draws pure air through the air cleaner and presses it.

And the way the wind blows. A governor and a pressure gauge are used on it. The air entering the brake system is automatically controlled by the governor.

And the pressure gauge used. It is mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle. This pressure gauge shows the pressure of the air going to the brake system. The air is controlled by the governor.

And the compressed air comes in two separate reservoirs on both sides of the vehicle. Along with this, two safety valves are also used in these reservoirs. When the reservoir man air pressure becomes high.

So these valves open. And the air pressure in the reservoir remains constant. The reservoirs are connected to the brake chamber by steel pipe and flexible rubber hose pipe.

And at the same time, relay valves are also used to release the compressed air to the four chambers. And between the reservoir and the brake chamber line, there is a brake valve for braking.

Some faults and remedies for air brake

  • Loud air compressor – There can be a few reasons for this type of fault
  • The driving pulley is loose – check and fix the pulley
  • Compressor bearing worn out – check to bear and replace as necessary
  • Driving gears have more gap – check gear and adjust gear correctly
  • Brakes keep sticking – This type of problem can have the following causes
  • Bad adjustment of brake shoe – check the brake shoe and adjust it properly
  • Brake valves are damaged – check and repair brake valves and replace them if damaged
  • Quick release valve worn out – check and replace a valve
  • Brake lining stuck – clean brake lining and brake drum
  • Brake drums are out of round – check brake drum and replace the drum
  • Brakes don’t apply properly – This type of problem can have the following causes
  • Brake drums are bent – check the brake drum and replace the drum
  • Brake lining worn out – check brake lining and replace it if necessary
  • Air pressure is low – check air level and pipeline


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