air brake chamber

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air brake chamber

what is air brake chamber?

For your information, let us tell you that the air brakes chambers are a mechanical device that is a disc made of rubber, which is also known as a diaphragm. It is used in the braking system of a vehicle. Two chambers are used in this method. And there is a spring chamber and a service chamber. A coil spring is used in the spring chamber which helps in the braking system. this brakes mainly converts the pressure of compressed air into mechanical power through the push rod of the diaphragm. brake is connected

In simple words, whenever the brake is applied in the vehicle, the compressed air is filled in the brake chamber and this compressed air pushes the diaphragm spring forward, which pushes the push rod and the brake is applied.


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Air Brake chamber working

Now you know that there are different types of air brake chambers, now let us know how they work.

Whenever the brake is applied in the car, at that time the air reaches the air chamber through the inlet route, and when the air pressure comes, it deforms the diaphragm used in it and it pushes the push rod. The brake adjustment arm moves and it also rotates the brake cam and displaces the brake shoe friction plate.




Air brake chamber types

Let us now know what are the types of air brake chambers, then for your information let us tell you that there are two types of air brake chambers.

Spring brake chamber –

This is a type of air brakes chamber in which a diaphragm is used, they are not usually applied but when the air pressure leaves the chamber and when the pressure in the air chamber increases, then it is released. The air brakes chamber acts as a separate chamber. This type of braking system is used at the time of emergency or at the time of parking.


Service brake chamber –

This is also similar to the spring brake chamber, in this a rubber disc is often used, which is also called a diaphragm spring, along with it a push rod is attached and a return spring is also used with it. Whenever the brake pedal is pressed, the compressed air pushes the push rod through the diaphragm to apply the brake and the brake is applied.




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