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Abs is a brake system. Which is used in automobiles. The main quality of a good brake is. Whenever a brake is applied. In that case, the vehicle should be stopped at a certain distance without any problem and without losing control.

Friends, have you ever felt while driving or sitting in the car? That whenever the driver suddenly applies the brakes during an emergency in the vehicle. So the car does not stop at a certain distance as per the requirement and stops after going some distance while wearing the wheels.

Due to this sometimes the risk of damage to the vehicle increases. And the risk of damage to the vehicle moving or stopping on the road also increases. What A B S system is used in automobiles to avoid these types of problems. Due to this the braking system of the vehicle is improved.

So let’s know about it in a little detail

What is a disc brake and how it works

 Abs Brakes

The full form of A B S is Anti Lock Braking System.

Whenever brakes are applied in the car. So in that case the brake drums on the wheels are clamped to the brake pads. And the wheel gets locked. Due to this many times, the brakes are not taken on time. The car slips and the driver loses control of the vehicle. Due to this the chance of accident increases.

A B S system mainly solves this problem. It is connected to the pads on the brake drum. and locks the wheels slowly. It applies this process many times in a time of about 1 second.

So that the car does not slip. the control of the car also remains. contact of the car with the road remains. wheels can also be folded as needed. This same mechanism is used in it. Let’s know about them

What is a hydraulic brake system? and how does it work?

Abs System


hydraulic control unit

In the A.B.S system, the brakes are connected to the hydraulic unit. And the hydraulic unit is connected to the master cylinder. The oil filled in the master cylinder goes to the hydraulic unit. And it is forwarded by the hydraulic unit.

E.C.U. Electronic Control Unit

It is connected to the hydraulic control unit. And going forward it is connected to the sensor mounted on the wheels. It consists of an accumulator and a pump and a solenoid valve.


These are connected by electronic controls. Wheel hubs are mounted at a short distance from the wheel hub. It is also commonly called a magnetic sensor. And it is connected to the electronic unit through a wire. And whenever the wheel hub rotates. So it keeps on giving a signal to the electronic unit.


Working of A B S

Whenever an emergency brake is applied in the vehicle. So the sensor sends a signal to the electronic control. And the electronic control unit sends the signal. To the hydraulic control unit which is attached to the master cylinder.

One of the valves in the hydraulic unit applies the brakes. then the accumulator separates the oil from the master cylinder and sends it to the pump. And then releases the pressure from the brake. this process is processed many times in a second.

Due to this the disc pad on the wheel slowly locks the disc drum wheels. It applies this process many times in a time of about 1 second. So that the car does not slip. And the control of the car also remains

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How many disc brakes are there in vehicle

There are four types of ABS used in vehicles, which are as follows –


In this type of brake system, brake sensors are used on all four wheels. It is considered much better.



In this type of system two sensors are used on the front wheels and one sensor is used on the rear wheels. That’s why it is called THREE CHANNEL  ABS



In comparison to a single channel, ABS is used on both wheels. This type of braking has one advantage. In case of emergency if brakes of the front and rear wheels are applied simultaneously. So the driver’s control also remains on the vehicle. And the car stops even at short distances.



This type of ABS is mostly used in two-wheelers. In this, the ABS sensor is used on the front wheel. That’s why it is called SINGLE CHANNEL ABS. This type of ABS is not considered as good.


What are the benefits of ABS?

Wheels do not lock immediately after applying brakes in ABS. Due to this, the car does not slip.
Even after applying ABS, the driver’s control over the steering remains.
In case of an emergency, the vehicle can be controlled before colliding with any object.


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